“Feeling like I haven’t felt in a long”- Junior Dos Santos provides an update on the devastating shoulder injury he sustained at Eagle FC 47

Junior Dos Santos dislocated his shoulder at Eagle FC 47, through an Instagram post he provided an update on his injury.

Junior Dos Santos at Eagle FC 47
Junior Dos Santos at Eagle FC 47

Eagle FC returned to the US for Eagle 47 at the FLX Arena in Miami, Florida. The fight was broadcasted live on the FLX cast. The biggest fight of the card was the main event which was a heavyweight fight between MMA legend Junior Dos Santos and Yorgan De Castro. However, the fight led to an uneventful end as the former UFC champ ended up dislocating his shoulder.

De Castro started off the fight with some great shots but Santos with his experience landed strikes that were more significant. Junior showed why he is one of the greatest heavyweights of all time as he switched up his approach in the second round to hurt Castro with some effective leg kicks. Things came to an end in the third round.

Dos Santos was very effective coming into Round 3 as he pushed De Castro to the fence. A right hand that landed on the former champ led to the dislocation of his shoulder. Despite Junior Dos Santos trying to continue the fight, Yorgan was quick to point out to the referee that his opponent’s shoulder was injured which led to a stoppage. A fight that was leaning towards Junior ended up in favor of Yorgan as he was awarded a victory via TKO. Watch the moment below:

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“My shoulder is back into place”- Junior Dos Santos is doing well, and he wants to compete soon

Junior Dos Santos
Junior Dos Santos

Dos Santos is not done yet, and he issued a statement regarding his loss with an Instagram video, he said, “Hey guys, I’m home already. I took my shower, I had my dinner, I’m ready to get some rest now. My shoulder is back into place. In this position like this, I’m not feeling any pain.”

He added, “I already talked to my doctor, we’re going to do some exams and figure out what’s going to be the procedures to get this thing better as soon as possible. But before going to bed, I would like to share with you guys that I was feeling so happy. I was feeling very good during the fight, like I haven’t felt in a long, long time.”

“And it was good. It was good because I was able to deliver everything that I worked for. The hard work we put in the gym, I was able to bring inside the octagon on the day of the fight, and things were working good for us until we had this injury,” Dos Santos concluded.

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