Months after beating up UFC fighter over race and politics debate, Jake Shields charged with misdemeanor battery

Jake Shields charged with misdemeanor battery after altercation with ex-UFC fighter Mike Jackson. The altercation stemmed from social media debate over controversial topics.

Months after beating up UFC fighter over race and politics debate, Jake Shields charged with misdemeanor battery

Jake Shields sued by Mike Jackson (Image via Imago, X)

Jake Shields has officially been charged with misdemeanor battery months after an altercation with a fellow ex-UFC fighter, Mike Jackson. MMA Fighting was the first to report the news. The argument began with a heated social media debate on race and politics. Later, Shields was seen attacking Jackson via ground and pound at the UFC PI.


The confrontation between Jake Shields and Jackson reportedly began as a verbal disagreement but gradually escalated to a physical altercation. The MMA community and fans have had mixed reactions to the incident. Shields is a longtime friend of the Diaz brothers and is part of the Nick Diaz army. Shields is apparently charged with a misdemeanor charge but has yet to appear in front of the court. What the UFC does with Shields’ access to the PI remains to be seen.

Shields is a former Strikeforce middleweight champion. He once contended for the UFC welterweight strap against Georges St-Pierre but was unsuccessful in the attempt. Mike Jackson is not a credentialed MMA athlete. He is notable for being the last MMA opponent of Phil Brooks, a.k.a. CM Punk. He has a single win in four UFC fights and was released before the full completion of his contract.

The UFC Performance Institute is primarily designed for training. Given the number of fighters and their entourages present, it should not become a hotspot for these kinds of disputes. Shields now faces legal consequences for his actions. Misdemeanor battery charges can carry significant penalties, including fines, probation, and potential jail time.


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Jake Shields’ political allegiance, views and attacks on woke people on X

Jake Shields is known for his controversial comments on social media. Even though he had not publicly stated his beliefs, his views are those of a conservative. The former Strikeforce champion has shown an affinity for Republican ideas but has criticized the Democrat party numerous times. He was a fan of Donald Trump until the former President became soft on vaccine issues.

Jake Shields
Jake Shields (Image via

Shields is very critical of woke movements. Notably, he was against the Black Lives Matter movement for being racist against White people. Shields had previously expressed his disapproval of teachers discussing gender transitions with children. He went so far as to suggest that these educators should face legal consequences for their actions. Shields regularly engages with woke people on social media, mainly attacking them for their beliefs.

Shields famously defended Andrew Tate against Greta Thurnberg in their online feud. It also needs to be noted that the former UFC fighter has an active X account. He discusses his opinions and viewpoints openly and without any hesitation. He once saved a Republican party supporter from a masked mob. Shields will continue to use his platform to state his beliefs, and other people might get offended repeatedly.


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