Ex-UFC star accuses US President Donald Trump’s of ‘switching-up’ vaccine opinion after receiving millions from $220 billion-worth pharma company

Former UFC title challenger Jake Shields questioned the changing stance of Donald Trump on vaccine-related issues.

Ex-UFC star accuses US President Donald Trump’s of ‘switching-up’ vaccine opinion after receiving millions from $220 billion-worth pharma company

Jake Shields question the allegiance of Donald Trump on vaccines (Image Courtesy - Republic TV/

Retired UFC fighter Jake Shields has become the leading voice of political opinions from combat sports. He has championed right-wing and conservative ideology in recent times. Shields has taken a firm stance against gender ideology, vaccines, and wokeness in our modern society. He went after former President Donald Trump on Twitter about vaccine issues. Shields also forked out a conspiracy theory about the vaccines.

Jake Shields wrote, “Before Pfizer gave Trump millions of dollars he was a vaccine skeptic and believed we were over vaxxing. It’s amazing what money can do.” Shields collaged a picture of various tweets from Donald Trump depicting his views on vaccines. According to some sources, Trump may have received money from a big pharma company, resulting in a change of opinion from the former President.

After commenting about Trump, Shields projected his anti-vaxxer belief on Twitter. He wrote, “What is the cause of the rise of autism? I’m not saying it is the vaccine but it jumps as we give more vaccines.” Shields pointed out that the vaccine rise led to increased autism diagnoses among children. He juxtaposed both data to blame the vaccines as a probable cause for autism.

The conservatives in the United States fought against the mandatory use of Covid-19 vaccines. They wanted the choice of either taking it or not taking the vaccine. Nevertheless, personalities like Shields emerged with his anti-vaxxer beliefs and refused the vaccine. Shields is a close friend of the Diaz brothers and once held the Strikeforce middleweight championship during his professional MMA career.

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Jake Shields has an anti-vaxxer history before commenting on Donald Trump

Jake Shields
Jake Shields (Image Courtesy – MMA Underground)

Natural immunity has its benefits and limitations. Jake Shields believes in natural immunity more than taking the cure. Since his retirement and witnessing the rise of the woke culture, Shields has used his voice to fight against the woke culture. He has also stayed true to the notion of natural immunity by pointing out the problems with the vaccines.

He took to Twitter to question the logic of vaccines. Shields wrote, “They recommend your child takes 55 vaccines by the time they are 18. How many of these are safe and effective? The same people recommending these are still saying your child needs a Covid booster.

Shields had a respectable career as an MMA fighter. Since Elon Musk took over Twitter, Jake Shields has championed right-wing and conservative ideologies on Twitter. He has challenged ten transgender men to compete with him in an MMA bout. He has also put forth interesting questions on vaccine usage in this process.

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