WATCH: ‘Shows why wrestling is important’ – Stranger attacking Ex-MMA fighter with knife learns BRUTAL lesson after getting rock bottom’d to pavement

A former MMA fighter was attacked by a stranger with a knife. He used his martial arts training to defend himself and subdue the attacker.

WATCH: ‘Shows why wrestling is important’ – Stranger attacking Ex-MMA fighter with knife learns BRUTAL lesson after getting rock bottom’d to pavement

The footage of a former MMA fighter defending himself (via X)

A man with a knife attacked another man in Cutler Bay, Miami. Little did he know that the man he attempted to assault was a former MMA fighter. Javier Baez was the man who was attacked by the 50-year-old stranger who later we know was called Omar Moreira. The attacker held the knife in his hand and ran toward Baez in an attempt to assault him. Baez held his composure and handled the situation with ease. It was all caught on the CCTV camera.


In an interview with Local 10 News, Javier Baez explained the situation in detail. He said that he was returning to the Cutler Bay complex by early morning when the incident happened. In the footage caught on CCTV, we saw Moreira running towards Baez and initiating the attack. The former fighter remained calm and got a hold of him. Then, he slammed him to the pavement, removed the weapon, and put the attacker on a head and arm choke. Here is what Baez told Local News 10:

Once I started putting the choke in, he kind of let it go because no one's worried of anything else but breathing. When you train so many times it becomes just a reflex. I was able to hold him down my knee and called the cops. And he woke up and cops came and it was good. Easy Peasy.
Javier Baez via Local News 10

According to Javier Baez, his mixed martial arts training helped him neutralize the situation. Many would’ve panicked and lost control, but the former fighter stayed calm and handled the situation relatively easily. He had a college wrestling career and about eight pro fights to his name.

This video will serve as a reminder to the public why self-defense training is important. Everyone should take an interest in any martial arts just to protect themself from harm’s way. If not for Baez’s training background, we do not know how the situation would’ve panned out.


Combat sports fans react to the courage of the ex-MMA fighter, Javier Baez

Javier Baez, a former mixed martial arts fighter, was attacked by a stranger in a parking lot. The attacker held a knife in his hand and came running towards him. That is when Baez grabbed him, lifted him, and slammed him to the pavement. Then, he proceeded to remove the weapon out of his hand and put the attacker on an arm triangle submission.

Watch an ex-MMA fighter use wrestling to defend himself (via X)

Javier Baez’s showcase of wrestling and Jiu-Jitsu skills in a real-world situation has fans applauding. Here are some exciting reactions from the fans:

This video served as a lesson for the public on why having martial arts training is helpful in a serious situation like this. Most people would’ve been terrified once they saw an attacker approaching them with a knife. Javier Baez handled it with composure and credited it to his martial arts training.


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