WATCH: “Definitely a wrestler” – MMA-style street fight in parking lot ends in a BRUTAL slam TKO

A recent street fight between teenagers ending with a slam TKO highlights the impact of MMA's popularity on youth behavior and the replication of professional fighting moves.

WATCH: “Definitely a wrestler” – MMA-style street fight in parking lot ends in a BRUTAL slam TKO

Street fight ends in brutal slam KO (Image via: X)

MMA is the fastest-growing sport, and with the UFC’s popularity and the PFL’s potential growth, it could grow further. Every growth of business has a positive and negative effect. The rampant street fights are a negative effect of MMA growth. Teenagers are very prone to engage in street fights, and most of the time, they employ the techniques of their favorite fighters. Recently, a street fight video went viral on social media that ended in a slam TKO.


The fighting in the video was between two kids, possibly high schoolers. One of the kids wore a black T-shirt whilst the other wore a White vest. The Kid in the black was stockier than the taller, skinny kid in the White vest. Both kids began the fight in a Southpaw stance. The two started throwing jabs and straight lefts initially, but it did not land. However, the kid in the White shirt put pressure and eventually grabbed a hold of his opponent.

It was all over for the kid in the White vest after the kid in the T-shirt grabbed him. The T-shirt kid then proceeded to pick up his opponent and brutally slammed him on the pavement. Moreover, he even landed follow-up elbows to the side of the head. At this moment, the other kids nearby came in to break the fight. However, it did not stop there. The T-shirt kid grabbed hold of the angle of the other kid and easily dragged him. Funnily enough, the shoe fell off afterward from the leg the kid grabbed.

In MMA, there have been many brutal slam knockouts. The most recent slam knockouts happened at UFC Austin in December 2023. Drakkar Klose and Cody Brundage won their respective bouts via slam knockouts on the fight night card. Quinton Rampage Jackson popularized slams in MMA. Former UFC fighter Gerald Harris also had tremendous slam knockouts. Interestingly, Harris’ son slammed an opponent in a wrestling match, and the video of it went viral on social media.


Fight fans react to brutal parking lot slam TKO video

The video of the parking lot slam TKO did not go unnoticed on social media. It spread like wildfire on various social media platforms. Moreover, on X alone, it got close to three million views.

Street fight ends in brutal slam KO
The street fight ends in a brutal slam KO (Image via: X)

Fight fans had varied reactions to the video. See how fight fans reacted to the video below.

Fight fans criticized the video. Even more than the kids who engaged in the unlawful activity, they criticized the people who stood as the fight happened. Moreover, they also had heavy criticism for the girl in the video who urged the fight to continue.

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