“You brought honor” – UFC legend Chael Sonnen consoles US soldier Matt Frevola after devastating knockout loss on Veteran’s Day at UFC 295

Former UFC fighter Chael Sonnen shows his support for Matt Frevola after losing at UFC 295

“You brought honor” – UFC legend Chael Sonnen consoles US soldier Matt Frevola after devastating knockout loss on Veteran’s Day at UFC 295

Matt Frevola and Chael Sonnen (image credit- The Sun)

The UFC 295 lightweight bout between Matt Frevola and Benoit Saint-Denis was between two veterans on Veterans Day. Both fighters expressed a lot of excitement and respect for each other before the fight. As such, Saint-Denis was able to end Frevola’s three-match first-round win streak by ending the fight with a KO. Subsequently, after the sudden and disappointing loss, former UFC fighter Chael Sonnen showed his support for Frevola by acknowledging him.

Before the match, Saint-Denis was the betting favorite, even though Frevola had a good winning streak. Furthermore, Saint-Denis has been unstoppable in his recent bouts, and fans were expecting him to win his fight. Subsequently, the French fighter knocked out Frevola in the first round with an amazing head kick.


After the match, Frevola congratulated his opponent and spoke about the highs and lows involved in the fight. In response to this, Sonnen stated on X:

 You brought honor to your team to your city and protection to your country. You think we’re going to abandon you now?

Hence, Sonnen said that Frevola should be proud of himself after being able to perform at the reputed MSG venue. Furthermore, Sonnen reminded Frevola that 15000 fans had come to witness his fight and not just the result of the match.

Subsequently, Sonnen urged Frevola to keep his head high, and he had all the reason to be proud of himself.


Matt Frevola vs. Benoit Saint-Denis battle of veterans

At the UFC 295 fight card on November 11, the Frenchman faced the lightweight division’s 13th-ranked fighter, Frevola. The famous Madison Square Garden arena was treated to a thrilling one-round fight as both fighters traded blows and neutralized each other with clever strategies.

Matt Frevola vs Benoit Saint-Denis
Matt Frevola vs Benoit Saint-Denis (image credit- The Mirror)

However, after bravely grappling with each other, Saint-Denis took Frevola down with a vicious head kick. Furthermore, there weren’t any more shots thrown at Frevola because the referee stopped the fight after Frevola hit the canvas.

After the match, both men complimented each other and acknowledged their part in the service of the country. Furthermore, the rigorous nature of their former military duties was evident in the way they engaged in combat.


Frevola is a former Marine who served his country and was a lieutenant in the United States Army Reserve. Similarly, Saint-Denis is a French national who also served his country at the French Army’s Special Forces Command.

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