“I’ll catch a murder charge” – Viral MMA street fight in Miami between controversial influencers mocked by Andrew Tate

Controversial social media personality Andrew Tate reacts to viral video of controversial streamer Jon Zherka's street fight.

“I’ll catch a murder charge” – Viral MMA street fight in Miami between controversial influencers mocked by Andrew Tate

Andrew Tate rects to Jon Zherka's viral video ( Image via X )

Andrew Tate recently reacted to the street fight between Jon Zherka and HSTikkyTokky. He expressed caution about potential legal consequences. The conflict, initially a feud, turned physical, resulting in a public spectacle and garnering attention.


Andrew Tate humorously criticized Zherka’s fighting skills, calling out the confrontation as an “embarrassing showdown” on X ( previously known as Twitter ). He wrote:

I hope to god I never have to fight anybody like this because I’ll catch a murder charge. So remarkably killable.
Andrew Tate via X.

YouTuber Jon Zherka and HS TikkyTokky were involved in a livestream brawl in Miami, which went viral on social media. Zherka confronted HS TikkyTokky on a live stream, leading to a physical altercation on the streets of Miami. A Twitter video shows HS Tikky Tokky dropping Zherka twice during the incident. This incident led to public embarrassment for Zherka, with fans expressing their disappointment in his fighting skills.

Reddit posts describe Zherka pinning HSTikkytokky down during the fight, with HS claiming police involvement. Zherka had made controversial claims during a stream, including personal attacks against HS TikkyTokky. The brawl occurred during a live stream on Kick. Adin Ross criticized Jon Zherka for the public nature of the brawl, warning him of potential legal consequences.


Andrew Tate and Jon Zherka’s online feud

Andrew Tate is a former kickboxer and controversial personality. He gained fame through various ventures and social media platforms like TikTok. However, he has been involved in legal controversies. Provocative statements, self-proclaimed misogynistic views, and engagement in contentious online communities have marked Tate’s online presence.

Zherka Andrew Tate
Andrew Tate and Zherka’s feud ( Image via X )

Meanwhile, Jon Zherka is a streamer known for his controversial actions and statements on various platforms, including Twitter and Instagram. He has a YouTube channel where he shares content related to his streaming activities. Zherka has been involved in controversies, most recently slamming fitness influencer Sara Saffari in a post criticized as misogynistic.

Jon Zherka and Andrew Tate engaged in a public feud where Zherka made derogatory comments about Tate’s lifestyle choices. The feud extended to social media platforms like TikTok and Twitter, where Zherka continued to taunt Tate and assert his physical superiority.

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