Which fighter holds the throne for most knockouts in UFC history?

Here is the list of fighters that hold the most knockouts in UFC history, some of the scariest men to ever face in the octagon.

Derrick Lewis knockouts
Derrick Lewis

A knockout undoubtedly is the most anticipated part of any combat fight. And the Ultimate Fighting Championship brings its viewers some of the most terrifying and excruciating knockouts. Some of the notable names in the game who have the most knockouts in UFC are Francis Ngannou, Vitor Belfort, Derrick Lewis, and many more. The UFC has had some of the greatest knockout reels since its introduction. Over the years, the fans have witnessed some of the most vicious knockouts.

A range of knockout artists has blessed the UFC octagon with its ability to put their opponents to sleep with knockouts. In this read, we take a look at which fighters have the most knockouts in UFC history. Does your favorite MMA fighter make the list? Read ahead to know!

Most knockouts in the UFC by numbers:

4. 9 knockouts

Max Holloway
Max Holloway

A number of fighters share the spot for 9 knockouts in the UFC. Max Holloway, Stipe Miocic, Alistair Overeem, Andrei Arlovski, Rich Franklin all share the spot for most knockouts in UFC. Out of these five fighters, four are former champions and have held their golds. Max is the former featherweight, Andrei is a former heavyweight, Rich is the former middleweight, and Stipe Miocic who recently got dethroned as the heavyweight champion. Overeem has been a title contender but never won the title. There is no doubt that these fighters will have some bombs coming your way when you face them in the octagon.

3. 10 knockouts

Francis Ngannou knockouts
Francis Ngannou

This list has an interesting set of names. Francis Ngannou, Donald Cerrone, Junior Dos Santos, Cain Velasquez, Michael Bisping, Chuck Liddell share the spot for having knockouts in their name. It is no surprise that we see the current UFC heavyweight champion in the list for most knockouts in UFC. Francis is called the “Predator” for a reason. The scariest man on the planet has 10 knockouts to his name today, but we are sure that the man will be putting another handful of people to sleep. Donald Cerrone, the legendary UFC veteran also shares the first spot for most wins in the UFC. Meanwhile, Bisping’s 10th UFC knockout helped him win the belt from Luke Rockhold.

2. 11 knockouts

Anderson Silva knockouts
Anderson Silva

Now the list gets spicier. 4 fighters share the stage with 11 knockouts to their name. Anderson Silva, Matt Brown, Anthony Johnson, Thiago Santos. All these fighters have managed to get their knockouts in the light heavyweight and middleweight divisions. Anderson Silva is arguably the greatest middleweight of all time. Silva’s knockout is of higher standards as 7 of his 11 knockouts have come against title contenders, making it a grade higher in the list of most knockouts in UFC.

1. 12 knockouts

Derrick Lewis most knockouts in UFC
Derrick Lewis

Here come the kings that hold the throne for most knockouts in UFC history. It all boils down to two names, Derrick Lewis and Vitor Belfort. It is no doubt that ‘the black beast’ is the best knockout artist of all time. Derrick has found 12 victims to his tally of knockouts. Derrick Lewis is also a heavyweight title contender that will go up against ‘The Predator’ in a short time challenging for the belt. Both the fighters have promised a knockout in their next fights.

Vitor Belfort used to be one of the scariest men to face in the octagon. The raw power he used to generate is unparalleled. Belfort has knocked out fighters of high standards such as Luke Rockhold, Dan Henderson, Michael Bisping, and many more. Bisping lost his eye in the fight against Belfort. That would put things into perspective as to how scary the man was. That ends the list for most knockouts in UFC.

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