Johann Zarco’s net worth: How much is the French driver’s worth?

Johann Zarco is one of the most successful French riders. He has 2 junior class championships to his name.

Johann Zarco’s net worth: How much is the French driver’s worth?

Johann Zarco, Parmac Racing (Credits: Eurosport)

NameJohann Zarco
Age32 years
OccupationMotoGP Rider
Net Worth$5 million
Salary2 million euros 
EndorsementsKyrrex, Red Bull, Alpinestars, Shark Helmets, April Moto, Maxxess, Bihr
Marital StatusUnmarried

Johann Zarco is a celebrated French-born motorcycle racer with an indelible mark on the racing world. With an exceptional record of 16 Grand Prix victories, Zarco has firmly established himself as one of the most successful French riders in the history of Grand Prix racing. From his early days in the 125cc division to his triumphs in the Moto2 class, Zarco’s talent and determination have propelled him to unprecedented heights.

Zarco made his MotoGP debut in 2017. Despite a crash, he showcased his potential by leading the race in Qatar and earning his first podium finish in Le Mans. He continued to impress, securing his first pole position at Assen and finishing as the best independent rider of the season. Moving from one team to another, including a stint with Red Bull KTM Factory Racing, Zarco’s journey has been marked by successes and challenges.

Beyond his on-track accomplishments, Zarco has captivated fans worldwide with his engaging personality and irresistible charm. Now, it’s time to delve deeper into the extraordinary life of Johann Zarco. Explore his financial worth, MotoGP income, and lucrative sponsorship deals, and gain insights into his personal life. Unravel the multifaceted career of this revered racer who has once carried the hopes of an entire nation on his shoulders.

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Johann Zarco’s net worth

Johann Zarco, the esteemed MotoGP rider, boasts a commendable reported net worth of $42 million. Through his remarkable career, Zarco has graced numerous MotoGP tournaments, showcasing his exceptional skills and earning a well-deserved place among the elite riders. Alongside his racing endeavors, he has also forged lucrative partnerships, endorsing reputable brands that recognize his unparalleled talent and market appeal. 

Johann Zarco
Johann Zarco (Credits:

Johann Zarco’s salary and contract:

Johann Zarco’s salary reflects his esteemed position as a MotoGP rider. He earns a base salary of 2 million euros as a Pramac Racing rider. In addition, Zarco receives a payment of $105,200 for each race he competes in. Moreover, his accomplishments are recognized through performance bonuses, further enhancing his earnings. The #05 rider has his contract locked with Ducati until the end of 2023.

Johann Zarco with his Parmac Racing team
Johann Zarco with his Parmac Racing team (Credits: Parmac Racing)

Johann Zarco’s bonuses 

Throughout his career, the French rider has garnered rich endorsement deals, linking himself with renowned businesses who recognize his skill and market appeal. Notably, he was been named an ambassador for the Kyrrex crypto-fiat ecosystem. Zarco also has a long-standing relationship with Red Bull, which began during his early years in motorcycle racing.

Johann Zarco's helmet with his endorsements
Johann Zarco’s helmet with his endorsements (Credits: Paddock GP)

Zarco has demonstrated his extraordinary abilities and tenacity throughout his career, from competing in the inaugural Red Bull Rookies Cup to joining the Red Bull MotoGP Academy. Alpinestars, Shark Helmets, April Moto, Maxxess, Quad Lock, and Bihr are among the manufacturers that have recognized his abilities.

Johann Zarco’s investments:

Johann Zarco’s investments are not extensively known due to his preference for privacy. As a public figure, he keeps his financial ventures relatively low-key, resulting in limited information about his specific investment activities. The details of Zarco’s investment portfolio remain undisclosed owing to the rider’s reserved public life. 

Johann Zarco
Johann Zarco (Credits:

Johann Zarco’s car collection:

Johann Zarco maintains a tasteful car collection that balances modesty and adequacy. Among his prized possessions are a Lamborghini Huracan and an Audi RS7 Sportback. The Lamborghini Huracan, renowned for its exhilarating performance and distinctive design, adds a touch of raw power to Zarco’s collection. Meanwhile, the Audi RS7 Sportback offers a harmonious blend of luxury and sportiness, providing a comfortable and dynamic driving experience.

Johann Zarco with his Audi RS7
Johann Zarco with his Audi RS7 (Credits: 21 Motoring)

Johan Zarco’s bike collection

Johann Zarco is associated with many bikes from renowned brands such as Yamaha, Ducati, and KTM, although the specific models remain undisclosed. While the exact details of these bikes are unknown, it is speculated that their prices could reach the million-dollar mark. He has also been seen riding the Ducati 1981 900SS Darmah over 900km to Aragon and the Ducati Multistrada V4 1200s.

Johann Zarco rides the 1981 900SS Darmah
Johann Zarco rides the 1981 900SS Darmah (Credits: MotoGP)

Johann Zarco’s watch collection

Information regarding Johann Zarco’s watch collection is scarce, as he maintains a low profile. While he has been observed sporting sports and smartwatches on a few cases, his preferences in luxury timepieces remain largely undisclosed. 

Johann Zarco
Johann Zarco, Parmac Racing (Credits: News 18)

Johann Zarco’s girlfriend’s net worth

Zarco is currently in a relationship with Veronika Thielová. Their romantic involvement became public in June 2019, although the date of their relationship’s inception remains uncertain. Speculation suggests that Thielová, once an umbrella girl during Zarco’s Moto2 series, played a role in their initial connection. It is believed that their acquaintance evolved into a blossoming love between the French racer and Thielová. The pair have shared their love on social media and appeared together on the track. 

Johann Zarco and his girlfriend, Veronika Thielova
Johann Zarco and his girlfriend, Veronika Thielova (Credits: IMAGO)

Veronika Thielová, born in the Czech Republic, is more than an umbrella girl. She has established herself as a versatile figure, excelling in multiple domains. Thielová is a captivating model and influential figure on Instagram. Leveraging her online presence, she has launched her own cosmetics line, Glow Up By Vee, captivating beauty enthusiasts. She has over 21,000 followers on her Instagram. However, her net worth is not known to the public. 

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