Mr Beast praises Caitlin Clark’s impressive influence as WNBA garners never-seen-before records

If these numbers hold up, the WNBA could end up making record profits.

Mr Beast praises Caitlin Clark’s impressive influence as WNBA garners never-seen-before records

Mr. Beast praises Caitlin Clark for her impressive influence as WNBA garners never seen before records in terms of viewership and sales

Before Caitlin Clark stepped onto a WNBA court, she was already causing a massive shift to the way the WNBA was viewed by fans. Demands for tickets to watch the rookie superstar drove prices through the roof. It also pushed teams to lease out bigger NBA capacity arenas to accommodate fans. Now the WNBA has come out with the difference in numbers that led to famed YouTuber Mr. Beast to give praise to the Indiana Fever superstar.

The WNBA came out with data published on their official website suggesting the league’s in-game attendance has increased by 156%. Broadcast viewership went up by 3 times. The opening night game featuring Clark and her Indiana Fever was viewed by a WNBA record 2.12 million viewers. All broadcasters have seen viewership increasing multifold. All of this happened since Caitlin Clark stepped onto the floor. Leaving Mr. Beast to give praise on X from his official account;

“Before this year I don’t think I’ve ever watched a WNBA game before.”

Suggesting that he only started watching the WNBA games since Caitlin Clark featured in them. A nod to the effect the 22-year-old has had on the league.

The WNBA also declared that merchandise sales have gone up a staggering 756% with Clark, Angel Reese and Cameron Brink in the top 5 in jersey sales. Not only in-store sales, but also league pass subscriptions have gone up 3-fold.

This impact is headlined by Caitlin Clark’s presence and her superstardom. Even before the WNBA came out with these numbers, the mere fact that the worst team in the league had to move to a different arena to accommodate fans is a testament to her impact. Something she and her fellow rookies can build on.

Caitlin Clark and golden era of women’s basketball players to transform WNBA’s fortunes

The league has always maintained that teams were operating on a net loss year on year. That has led to difficulties in pushing for more salaries for the players. But with this kind of impact from Caitlin Clark, the WNBA is poised to make a profit for the first time in its history. But Clark needs help. As of right now, games featuring her are only selling out.

Rookie stars such as Angel Reese, Cameron Brink and notably Kate Martin have made their mark. The WNBA declared that the most viewed highlights of the entire league, featured these 4 rookies. Suggesting, that fans want to tune in to watch them perform at the highest level. It also makes a point when Kate Martin, who was just attending the draft to support her friend Clark, has the highest-selling jersey on the back-to-back champions, the Las Vegas Aces.

It seems the new fans are gravitating towards the rookies. Mr. Beast is proof of that. This will bode well for the WNBA as the next players in line such as Paige Bueckers and Juju Watkins will only help the league grow.

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