Mr. Waggor vs Beaston in Free Fire: Pet Ability Comparison

Free Fire is popular for its variety and new additions to the game. Pets are definitely one of the greatest addition to the game. In this article, we look at a detailed comparison of Mr. Waggor vs Beaston.


Free Fire was named the Esports Mobile game of the year 2020. The game has reached unattainable heights ever since. It is popular for its contents and the features it adds to the game. One such feature is the inclusion of pets in Free Fire. Pets are player’s constant companions and assists the players with the help of their abilities. We will take a look at a detailed comparison of two such pets, Mr. Waggor vs Beaston in Free Fire.

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Mr. Waggor vs Beaston: Abilities in Free Fire

Mr. Waggor


Mr. Waggor has to be one of the coolest pets in Free Fire. Mr. Waggor is a penguin with sunglasses and has an ability called ‘Smooth Gloo’. Likewise, this ability creates a new gloo wall in the inventory every 120 seconds, if the player has no Gloo Wall. This special ability ensures the players with a better chance of surviving and win matches. Furthermore, at the max level, the pet’s skill enhances and it produces up to 2 gloo walls and the cooldown time reduces to 80 seconds. Gloo walls are the best defensive weapon in the game and protect the players from enemies.



Beaston is a baboon-inspired pet in Free Fire. He is the latest pet that was added in to the game. He has an ability named – ‘Helping Hand,’ which increases the throwing distance of Grenade, Gloo Wall, Flashbangs, and Smoke Grenades by 10% at the initial level. And at the max level his throwing distance increases to 30%. This skill can be useful at the final stages of the game when our allies are in trouble or if anyone in the long needs to be covered.

Mr. Waggor vs Beaston

These are the most demanding pets in Free Fire and are unique in their own abilities. Players also love the look of both the pets. In such a situation, comparison becomes complicated. However, Mr. Waggor could be more helpful to the players who wish to push ranks and play safe. Mr. Waggor produces gloo walls in the most needed times so that players can defend themselves and escape from their foes.

On the other hand, Beaston has an aggressive skill and is perfect for players who wish to play in such a manner. Beaston is always a better choice for custom and Clash Squad modes.

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