Falco vs Beaston in Free Fire: Pet Ability comparison

Falco vs Beaston in Free Fire: Pet Ability comparison

Free Fire is a trending battle royal gaming in the industry right now. It is known for versatile features and in-game additions. One such interesting in-game addition is the introduction of pets. Pets are roaming companions with varied abilities that help the players on the battlefields. Every pet is known for its unique abilities and looks. In this article, we look at a detailed comparison of Falco vs Beaston in Free Fire.

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Falco vs Beaston : Abilities in Free Fire


It is the first and only flying pet in Free Fire. It has an ability called ‘Skyline Spree’. Its skill increases the player’s gliding speed upon skydive by 15%. Apart from this, its skill also increases diving speed by 25% after the parachute opens. This skill is one of the most effective skills in Free Fire and most players now equip this skill. This ability provides the players with the early landing so that players can equip guns and equipment before anyone else in the place. This skill is also applicable to the whole squad. At the max level, gliding speed increases by up to 45% whereas the diving speed up to 50%.

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Beaston is the latest pet that was added to Free Fire. He is an aggressive pet by looks but has a soft heart. He has an ability named – ‘Helping Hand,’ which increases the throwing distance of Grenade, Gloo Wall, Flashbangs, and Smoke Grenades by 10% at the initial level. His ability to throw distanced walls and grenades can help the players to revive their teammates and kill enemies at the most crucial time. Apart from this, at the max level his ability to increases up to 30%.


Falco vs Beaston

Both pets are unique in their own abilities. On detailed comparison, most of the players prefer to have Falco’s skill over Beaston. Beaston has an aggressive skill and is perfect for players who wish to play in such a manner. However, when we consider tournaments and ranked matches, Falco definitely has an upper hand. Every player playing in a tournament will want to land first and start collecting weapons and equipment to survive. At the same time, for custom and Clash Squad modes, Beaston is always the better choice. This was all about the comparison of Falco vs Beaston.

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