NASCAR analyst predicts Martin Truex Jr.’s JGR exit as “Bass Pro Shops is going away”

Martin Truex Jr. has been a Bass Pro Shops sponsored athlete for a long-time.

NASCAR analyst predicts Martin Truex Jr.’s JGR exit as “Bass Pro Shops is going away”

Martin Truex Jr. (Via IMAGO)

Joe Gibbs Racing Martins Truex Jr. is the veteran in line for a retirement in the Cup Series. The No:19 Toyota Camry driver postponed his retirement plan twice in the Next-Gen era to continue his stay in he premier stock racing series. His current contract will run out at end of the 2024 season and the veteran hasn’t yet announced his final decision on it.

According to latest rumors Martin Truex Jr. might retire this season as his long-time sponsor Bass Pro Shops is exiting the sport. Rubbin Is Racing podcast’s Danile DiOrio’s a.k.a Spider pointed in the latest episode reported that the TRD driver is going to retire and it is going to clear the part for his brother Ryna Truex’s NASCAR entry.

Word on the street in Mooresville is that Martin has had enough. Bass Pro Shops is going away, the clear path is for Ryan Truex to Cup.
Danile DiOrio said via Rubbin Is Racing.

While the rumours should be taken with a pinch of salt, it won’t be a big surprise if the NACAR legend decided to retire of it opens a well-deserved full-time seat for his brother, before it’s too late. Martin Truex Jr. long has been planning the retirement and it might be the right time for him to do so.

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Martin Truex Jr. calls the Next-Gen cars a game changer

While talking about how the how the Next-Gen cars have changed the NASCAR scene, Martin Truex Jr. pointed out that the cars have taken the sport to a next-level close performance among teams on the grid. He asserted that every team having the same parts have been the game changer in the sport.

Martin Truex Jr.
Martin Truex Jr. (Credits:
The last few years with the Next Gen car have been the biggest change, I would say. It has constantly evolved since I came into the sport as far as trying to tighten things up, but the Next Gen car just has taken it to a new level. You are talking about everybody having the same parts and pieces, that’s never been a part of this sport. That’s definitely been the game changer.
Martin Truex Jr. said.

With the evolving car and the atmosphere in NASCAR, Martin Truex Jr, might decide to end his career and enjoy what the life has for him in the coming years. At the moment none of these thoughts concerns the racer as he is focussed on getting into victory lane, secure playoff spot and fight for the title.

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