Bubba Wallace’s spotter backs Denny Hamlin’s alleged implications of NASCAR giving an unfair preference to HMC for Next-Gen cars Le Mans entry

Read to know what made Freddie Kraft unhappy with the collaboration between NASCAR and HMC

denny hamlin
Bubba Wallace, Denny Hamlin and Freddie Kraft

NASCAR and Hendrick Motorsports have recently teamed up to develop a team for taking part in the 24 Hours of Le Mans. This collaboration has left everyone excited while it also left few not being able to digest this.

Freddie Kraft, 23X1 Racing Bubba Wallace’s spotter is one of these triggered folks. He is definitely unhappy with this and thinks that it is not right in any way.

“I think that’s what Denny Hamlin is insinuating here, obviously, that there’s some kind of collusion between NASCAR and Hendrick,” says Freddie Kraft

denny hamlin
Bubba Wallace and Denny Hamlin

Freddie Kraft definitely seems unhappy with the collaboration of NASCAR and Hendrick Motorsports. Freddie Kraft’s team owner, Denny Hamlin tweeted soon after the statement was out.

“Not sure @23XIRacing or @ToyotaRacing were invited to this party,” tweeted Denny Hamlin

Freddie Kraft had speculated that there’s something more to this certainly. He recently sat at the Door Bumper podcast and was asked if he thinks NASCAR is picking favorites as they choose Hendrick and Hendrick Motorsports alone. To that, Freddie replied that it’s not what he thought at first and that might be what Denny Hamlin might be hinting at this conspiracy between NASCAR and Hendrick Motorsports. He further added by saying that it’s not professional and that every manufacturer should be given one car, which would have been more appropriate.

“I did initially get that impression, I think that’s what Denny (Hamlin) is insinuating here, obviously, that there’s some kind of collusion between NASCAR and Hendrick. Maybe it should’ve been one car per manufacturer. That would’ve probably been a little more fair,” Freddie Kraft said.

NASCAR’s decision of associating with Hendrick Motorsports has obviously aroused many allegations among the Motorsport folk. But on the organization’s part, it’s not wrong as collaborating with every team and a different manufacturer will obviously cost a lot for the organization. NASCAR is just experimenting and if it works out with Hendrick, then more teams can be brought in.

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