‘I wish I could reverse time,’ Joey Logano on ‘dumb mistake’ which wrecked his car

Find out what Joey Logano had to say about him wrecking his car trying to block Chris Buescher from advancing in Thursday duel in Daytona 500

Joey Logano
Joey Logano

RFK racing drivers Brad Keselowski and his teammate Chris Buescher will line up upfront for Sunday’s ‘The Great American Race‘ at the Daytona International Speedway behind Hendricks Motorsports reigning NASCAR cup series champion Kyle Larson and Alex Bowmen who topped the first qualifier, after their top 2 finish in the Bluegreen Vacation Duels.

Chris Buescher won his duel against  Brad Keselowski’s former teammate Joey Logano, who won the unofficial 2022 season beginner the “Clash at the Colosseum” after he crashed his No. 22 Penske Ford Mustang in a miscalculated attempt to keep his lead in the last lap of the race.

Chris Buescher darted to the inside to attempt a pass on race leader Joey Logano in the exit of Turn 2 on the 60th lap which made Logano dove down to block Buescher.  But Joey Logano’s plan backfired as he got hit from behind and slammed into the outside wall which brought out a caution. Chris Buescher was declared the winner as he led the race after the wreck.  

Joey Logano will start Sunday’s Daytona 500 from the rear of the field as he is forced to move to a backup car, making him the first person to do so in 2022. Following the disappointing finish, Joey Logano acknowledged that he was completely to blame for what had happened.

Find what Joey Logano had to say about the wreck

Chris Buescher and Joey Logano
Chris Buescher and Joey Logano

Joey Logano said it was a dumb mistake from him as he miscalculated the speed at which Chris Buescher is advancing. He went on to say that he shouldn’t have gone for that option and instead should have raced from there. Joey Logano added that the mistake cost him and fellow competitor Harrison Burton (No. 21) damages which could have been avoided.

Driver screwed up. That’s all there is to it. I thought I was still clear and the run came a lot quicker than I thought it would. I tried to block it a little bit and just got a tag in the left-rear and off it went. It’s my fault. It stinks because it tore up our car and kind of puts us in a spot as a race team. It’s just a dumb mistake,” says Joey Logano.

He didn’t fall back that far and it came to me so fast. I reacted to try to block it and I should have just let it happen and tried to race from there. I just messed up. The worst part is I put our team in a bad spot trying to fix this thing or get another car. I got the No. 21 too in it, so it’s a dumb mistake. That’s all there is to it. I’m not perfect,” Joey Logano added.

joey Logano
Joey Logano bags the first win in Next Gen NASCAR toping pole-sitter Kyle Busch in ‘Clash at the Coliseum’

Joey Logano who had one of the most competitive cars coming into Florida now he and the team has a lot of work ahead of him to perform well on Sunday. Joey Logano said he wish he could replace time and solve its mistake adding the team have to move on.

“It doesn’t help, but we’ll try to make it as best we can. We’ve got a couple of days of practice to work on it and get it good and we’ll move on. There’s nothing I can do now. I wish I could reverse time, but I can’t. As I said, it was just a mistake. We’ve got to move forward,” Joey Logano said.

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