Kyle Petty shares his ‘concern’ about Denny Hamlin’s ‘consistency’ in 2022 season

Read what Kyle Petty has to say about Denny Hamlin's bad patch of results this year

Kyle Petty and Denny Hamlin
Kyle Petty and Denny Hamlin

Denny Hamlin, who races for Joe Gibbs Racing in his No.11 Toyota Camry is probably having his worst season ever as he is finding it difficult to keep running in the races as he gets disqualified thrice out of 5 races this year. He isn’t in any form to make it to the top 10 at most as he has only achieved two top 15s out of which one was a P15 on the Auto Club Speedway while the other was a P15 in the Ruoff Mortgage 500 in Phoenix.

Now Veteran legend Richard Petty’s son Kyle Petty thinks that Denny Hamlin should be tense and working on his future plans as Denny Hamlin only has 21 regular races left to improve his current ranking in the season.

Find out what Kyle Petty had to say about Denny Hamlin’s bad run in Cup series

Kyle Petty
Kyle Petty

Kyle Petty stated on his podcast saying that there are a lot of new drivers and all of them together have thrown Denny Hamlin out of his comfort zone, he probably meant to say that Denny Hamlin has failed miserably at adapting to the NextGen cars and drivers.

“All of a sudden, we put everybody in a bag this year, shook it up, and said, ‘Hey, it’s all for one and one for all. Get in here. Let’s get it done, And I just don’t believe that Denny Hamlin knows exactly what Daniel Suarez is going to do lap after lap or what Ross Chastain (will do). And that’s not a knock on their driving style. It’s just you don’t have that book built yet,” said Kyle Petty.

Kyle Petty says that if it was Denny Hamlin’s last year at racing, he wouldn’t be panicking for him right now, but with Denny still having a long way to go, he has to get things sorted out as soon as possible. Given the driver, Denny Hamlin is, Kyle Petty believes in him saying that Denny might knock himself out of the park but it’s the consistency that he has to get a hold-off. He has a pretty decent record when it comes to racing on road courses.

“If this was last year, I would say no panic, no concern. Denny’s going to knock it out of the park somewhere, but just to find that consistency, I’m concerned about that,” stated Kyle Petty.

With Denny Hamlin scoring 5 out of 7 top 10s on road courses the previous year, will he reflect the same at COTA this year?

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