NASCAR legend and team owner Richard Childress to provide ammunition to Ukraine in their efforts to hold back Russian invasion

Find out about NASCAR legend and team owner Richard Childress’s plans to provide Ammunition to Ukrainian fighters in their efforts to counter the Russian invasion.

Richard Childress and Volodymyr Zelenskyy
Richard Childress and Volodymyr Zelenskyy

The ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine has gathered attention around the world with individuals around the globe calling out countries to restore peace in the war zone. NASCAR along with its motorsport’s championship counterparts is no exemption as they condemned the invasion and called for peace in the region.

Now former NASCAR driver and team owner Richard Childress, who owns Richard Childress Racing which is represented in the track by his grandson Austin Dillon and Tyler Reddick, has come out in support of Ukraine and has shared his plan to provide Ammunition to the country.

Richard Childress appeared Wednesday on the Fox News Channel’s “Fox & Friends” show to explain his plans and opinion on the matter at hand.

Find out what Richard Childress said on his plans to distribute ammo

Richard Childress
Richard Childress

Richard Childress responded to the Ukraine president Volodymyr Zelenskyy who asked the rest of the world to provide ammunition instead of refuge saying his company Ammo Incorporated is turning up their production to cater to the Ukrainian demand. He went on to say that he is working with the government and private players to supply the ammo as soon as possible.

“I was listening to the other day and heard President [Volodymyr] Zelenskyy say he didn’t want out, that he wanted ammunition. We got to help these people. He stepped right up and said he would do it. Now we are turning our production to this as our No. 1 priority,” Richard Childress said.

“We are going to get that ammunition as quick as we can to them. We are working with government agencies. To get it there quickly, we are working through a private company,” Richard Childress added.

Richard Childress who is also a Gun rights activist and a previous board member of NRA went on t say that “This is a wake-up call for America and why we have our Second Amendment. We have 82-million-gun owners in America, and to see the people in Ukraine fighting, it’s terrible to see the lives being lost over there. We have to do all we can,”.

The reports suggest that Richard Childress will provide 1 million7.62” ammunitions to Ukraine, with the help of his firm, the specific bullets that fit in Russian SKS and AK-47s along with some light machine guns which are used by the fighters.

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