College football sparks a comical Twitter saga with Bubba Wallace, turning Ryan Blaney’s name hilariously into ‘Bologna’

Bubba Wallace never went to college as he had to pursue his career as a NASCAR driver.

College football sparks a comical Twitter saga with Bubba Wallace, turning Ryan Blaney’s name hilariously into ‘Bologna’

Ryan Blaney and Bubba Wallace (Via IMAGO)

In the climactic penultimate week of the NCAA Football season, the Auburn Tigers clashed with the Alabama Crimson Tide for the Iron Bowl. Amidst the intense competition, 23 XI Racing’s Bubba Wallace, a keen fan of the games, found himself at the center of a comical Twitter saga that inadvertently turned his childhood friend Ryan Blaney‘s name into a humorous anecdote.


With the eagerly awaited clash between No. 8 Alabama and Auburn. In a crescendo of drama, Crimson Tide, initially trailing, saw Isaiah Bond‘s sublime touchdown 32 seconds before the finale, securing a triumph and punching the ticket for the impending SEC Championship. As excitement reverberated, Bubba Wallace, an Alabama native, took to Twitter to express his enthusiasm with a tweet exclaiming, “I LOVE COLLEGE FOOTBALL!!!!!” 

Shortly after the first tweet, he enthusiastically retweeted, saying, “RETWEET!” potentially celebrating Washington Huskies’ close victory over the State Cougars. What followed was a series of tweets that added a touch of humor to the sporting fervor. Amidst the interaction, a Thanksgiving-intoxicated fan responded with an endearing yet confusing message, expressing affection for both Wallace and someone named “Bologna.”

The confusion was clarified when the fan shared images of his die-cast car collection, where he placed 2023 Cup champion Blaney’s car next to Wallace’s but referred to him as “Bologna.” Seizing the opportunity for a laugh, Wallace responded with witty charm, saying;

Love you dawg! Bologna… hahahah have another for me. Beer not bologna.

Bubba Wallace and Ryan Blaney share a tight bond since their childhood days

The NASCAR world, known for fierce on-track rivalries, harbors an exception in the enduring friendship between Bubba Wallace and Ryan Blaney. Their journey from the early days of bandolero cars, where Wallace navigated go-karts and Blaney cut his teeth in quarter-midgets, formed the foundation of a friendship that transcended team allegiances.

Ryan Blaney and Bubba Wallace
Ryan Blaney and Bubba Wallace (Credits: USA Today’s FTW)

Despite donning different team colors in their professional careers—Wallace racing for 23XI Racing, a collaboration between NBA icon Michael Jordan and Denny Hamlin, and Blaney powering for Team Penske—their camaraderie remains unbroken. Blaney, even standing as a groomsman in Wallace’s wedding, exemplifies the depth of their connection beyond the racetrack.

The humorous twist to Blaney’s name emerged from a fan’s Thanksgiving revelry, turning it into “Bologna” in a social media misstep. Wallace’s playful response showcased the lighthearted spirit that characterizes their friendship.

Even amidst the adrenaline-fueled clashes on the racetrack, including a memorable wreck at Talladega Superspeedway, the enduring bond between Wallace and Blaney prevails as a testament to the strength of their connection in the world of competitive racing and beyond.


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