Dale Earnhardt Jr. asserts his role is to ‘make NASCAR better every day’

Dale Earnhardt Jr. is still the most famous face of NASCAR.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. asserts his role is to ‘make NASCAR better every day’

Dale Earnhardt Jr. (Via IMAGO)

NASCAR Hall of Famer Dale Earnhardt Jr. is still one of the biggest names and ambassadors of the sport despite his retiring from full-time racing half a decade ago. He plays a major role in attracting more fans and keeping the current fans engaged with the sport. Junior recently said that his role is to make the sport better every day.  


The two-time Xfinity Series champion while talking to ex-NASCAR driver Kenny Wallace, in the recent episode of the Kenny Conversations said that he has the role of making the sport better. He admitted that he doesn’t always do a good job when it comes to it, but it’s not due to lack of effort as working to help the sport grow.

I truly believe man that I like my role in life outside of being a dad and a husband and all those things and running Junior Motorsports… Outside of just the things that you see my role is to make NASCAR better every day. Now, do I live that way? No, not every day. I get it wrong every once in a while, but that’s truly what I want to do. Like where my heart is right? But sometimes I get it, I get it wrong.
Dale Jr. said via Kenny Conversations.

The champion driver has many roles in the sport. He is the co-owner of Xfinity giants JR Motorsports and a broadcaster of NBC’s race coverages. All these responsibilities don’t stop him from representing the sport on track, by making part-time appearances in the Xfinity Series and also in other regional racing series.

Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s podcast plays an important role in making a difference in NASCAR

The ex-champion’s podcasting empire, Dirty Mo Media has been a huge difference-maker in the sport.  It is one of the biggest platforms the sport has in the podcasting scene and it gives NASCAR drivers and other personals around the sport a platform to express their opinions freely.

Charlotte Motor Speedway Day 1
Dale Earnhardt Jr. (Credits: countrymusicnation.com)

It was the brainchild of Dale Jr.’s friend and partner Mike Davis who has also played a significant role in the exponential growth of the studio. Dale Jr. Download and Door Bumper Clear are the two of their best-performing podcasts.

They hit the jackpot with the Action Detrimental podcast this year. The decision to make Joe Gibbs Racing veteran Denny Hamlin was impressive and it made the podcast a crowd favorite from the get-go. Dirty Mo Media has more than NASCAR on its resume. They already have a successful IndyCar podcast, and also has UFC and Football podcast in the making.