Dale Earnhardt Jr. explains the ‘unique’ factor that makes Ryan Blaney a good NASCAR champion

Dale Jr. has been one of the biggest supporters of Ryan Blaney since the start of the season.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. explains the ‘unique’ factor that makes Ryan Blaney a good NASCAR champion

NASCAR President Steve Phelps gives Ryan Blaney the 2023 Cup title (Via IMAGO)

The 2023 NASCAR Cup season finale at Phoenix witnessed the rise of a new NASCAR Cup Series champion. Ryan Blaney held off a charging Kyle Larson and finished the race P2 behind Ross Chastain. He completed the Ford sweep of the national series and helped Roger Penske bag his maiden back-to-back title triumph in NASCAR.

At the start of the season, Blaney wasn’t predicted to be a contender by many. But one NASCAR elite that saw a champion in Blaney from the start of the season was two-time Xfinity Series champion Dale Earnhardt Jr. He stuck with his prediction despite his struggles mid-season. Dale Jr. sees a champion that could help the sport a lot.


The JR Motorsports co-owner highlighted the hard-working nature of the No:12 Penske Racing driver. He pointed out that whenever there is something there that needs to be done about media or PR related to the sport Blaney is ready for it. Dale Jr. appreciates this aspect of the No:12 driver as not every driver shows similar enthusiasm.  

Well, man! he is a hard worker, one of the things I saw Blaney do, that was really nice to see early in his career, was when NASCAR and the sport would come to him or any driver, and say, ‘Hey we need you to do this, could you do this for us?' He always said yes, that's unique and I think I can appreciate that.
Dale Jr. told Frontstretch.

Dale Jr. was excited about Ryan Blaney winning the championship for this reason

Junior went on to point out that Blaney can promote the sport really well unlike many. There will be certain eagerness, energy, and excitement about him that will be great for the sport. The Hall of Famer reiterated that Blaney will be a very good champion for NASCAR and it is a good thing he has won it.

Brad Keselowski, Dale Eranhardt Jr. and Ryan Blaney
Brad Keselowski, Dale Eranhardt Jr. and Ryan Blaney (Via IMAGO)
I think what had me the most excited about him winning the championship was how well he would promote the sport doing it... He'll do it eagerly, with some energy and excitement which will be great for us... He would be a very good champion for us, so I feel like that's good for NASCAR that he did win this year.

While NASCAR has done a great job in celebrating their champion, they have done better. Blaney is ready to be the face of the sport and has the qualities to be a role model athlete. The sport needs to advertise him more and use him to acquire new fans.


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