Denny Hamlin created a Twitter frenzy by revealing why the Goodyear-NASCAR partnership will never change regardless of the tire-quality

Find out about Denny Hamlin’s criticism of the Goodyear-NASCAR partnership and how Twitter reacted to it.

Denny Hamlin
Denny Hamlin

Denny Hamlin is one of the outspoken drivers on the NASCAR grid. The veteran has been critical of some of the recent calls from the organization and the safety of Next-Gen cars. The JGR veteran has recently come forward revealing why NASCAR will not be looking for a different tire provider for the sport any time soon.

Denny Hamlin’s revelation is because of the shitshow of a race the Texas outing turned out to be for the cup grid. The poor quality of tires prompted the downfall of many drivers on race day. Most of the race leaders crashed out due to tire failures. There were 36 lead changes in the race. Most of them were due to tire letdowns. The new track pavement also had a small part to play in it.

Drivers such as Championship favorites Chase Elliott restrained themself from speaking out against the tire manufacturer. Denny Hamlin wasn’t ready to hold back. The Joe Gibbs Racing driver took to Twitter to express his views. Hamlin pointed out that NASCAR won’t be replacing Goodyear anytime soon as they are paying the organization a huge sum, big enough for NASCAR to forget the team’s struggles.

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How NASCAR Twitter reacted to Denny Hamlin’s views

denny hamlin
Denny Hamlin

Fans had mixed reactions to Denny Hamlin’s Tweets. Some fans agreed with the veteran that Goodyear, an institution with vast experience, should have done better with the wheels. They pointed out that tire manufacturers such as Michelin should get a chance. Some fans also shared their views on changing the exclusivity status of Goodyear tires. Fans also came in support of the producers pointing out that the Next-Gen car is a challenge that needs time to overcome.  

What is your thought on Denny Hamlin’s words?

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