NASCAR hints they won’t increase Next-Gen car’s horsepower to improve racing despite drivers demands

NASCAR is looking into the development of gearboxes as a solution.

NASCAR hints they won’t increase Next-Gen car’s horsepower to improve racing despite drivers demands

NASCAR Truck Series race at Talladega (Via IMAGO)

NASCAR President Steve Phelps has hinted that the sanctioning body is not in favor of the in-demand solution for improving racing.  The Cup drivers including veterans such as Denny Hamlin and Kevin Harvick have been advocates of increasing the horsepower to better the racing product in short tracks in the Next-Gen era.

Steve Phelps in a recent webinar pointed out that he doesn’t see increasing horsepower as the way forward as it is expensive. He admitted that all the driver wants more horsepower and has been asking for it, but he doesn’t think it is the only way. Phelps confirmed that the sanctioning body is looking into gears to fix the issues.

I don’t think the answer is more horsepower because more horsepower is expensive. If you ask a driver what’s going to solve it, they’re always going to say ‘Give me more horsepower.’ It’s a thing. I’m not a driver, but I’ve listened to enough drivers and that’s their solution. So, the question is that really what it is? I don’t know. I think there’s some gearing things that we’re looking at as well. Some shifting things.
Phelps said, as reported by NBC.

The Next-Gen currently uses a 670-horsepower package. The drivers are asking for an increase because it has been hard to make passes in the short tracks with the 7th Gen car and with the extra horsepower it is possible to increase the passing that would eventually make racing better. The drivers see it as a win-win situation, but NASCAR doesn’t seem to be in the same boat.

NASCAR gives an update on their plans for new broadcasting partners

Phelps on the same webinar revealed that the sport is looking for new broad-casting partners and they will be announced in the coming weeks. The 10-year $8 billion deal with Fox and NBC is coming next season and the sanctioning body is working on the final details of a new deal from 2025 onwards.

2023 Chicago Street Race (Via IMAGO)
2023 Chicago Street Race (Via IMAGO)

The key highlight of the new deal will be the additional media rights package for a streaming platform. Fox and NBC are expected to continue beyond 2025 and a third partner will be added, who might cover up to 12 races.

We are going to have an additional partner and we may have two additional partners. That’s kind of where we’re trying to figure out in these last few weeks — what that’s going to look like, but we already know we’re going to have more partners.

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