‘I miss the days of having practice and qualifying like we used to,’ Brad Keselowski wants NASCAR to reintroduce the old practice and qualifying schedule

Find out what Brad Keselowski had to say about the need to bring back the old practice and qualifying scheduled for the NASCAR Cup Race

Brad Keselowski
Brad Keselowski

NASCAR will hit the World-Wide Technology Raceway at St. Louis this Sunday for the inaugural cup race at the 1.25-mile oval. The track is expected to produce a competitive racing and the tightness and the shifting factor alongside the battle heating up for the playoff spots will surely make it harder.

Going into the Gateway track the drivers had two sessions of practice run which is a limited case since last year as NASCAR decided to continue the curbed Practice schedule while allowing extended time of practice in certain tracks.  The plan was aimed at cost-cutting and reducing the extreme amount of time spent by teams in the Cup races but with the very limited track, time and the high demand for a simulation run following the decision does contradict what NASCAR intended in the first place, especially with cost-cutting.

Brad Keselowski, the No:6 RFK Racing, has now come forth demanding NASCAR reintroduce the old schedule of practice to NASCAR as he finds the intended cost-cutting measures and the extreme step NASCAR has taken towards curbing the time at the track to be less fruitful than what they intended it to be. The comments come after disappointing qualifying runs for owner-driver at the Gateway.

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Find out what Brad Keselowski said

brad keselowski
Brad Keselowski

Brad Keselowski acknowledged that he misses the days having practice and qualifying for the cup used to have in the past. He went on to say that the owners were able to save one to two million with travel but are now spending it all on simulations and engineering in order to find solutions for problems such as tire blowing out …etc. which he doesn’t find exciting. Keselowski pointed out that it’s definitely the time to look into the schedules along with the practice and qualifying formats

I miss the days of having practice and qualifying like we used to,” Brad Keselowski said.

I think we probably saved a million or two in travel and spent it all back in simulation and engineering to try to unload at the racetrack and not blow out tires and still be fast, and arguably that’s not working for anybody. It’s definitely time for a deep dive and looks at the weekend schedules and the practice and qualifying formats,” Brad Keselowski added.

Brad Keselowski went on to say that there exists a happy spot between the two decisions and he expects the sport to get back to where they were with the practice and qualifiers. He went on to say point out that the owners aren’t saving any money and are being forced to spend may be much more on other areas with the new policies and reiterated that he had like to see them figure out a way to get back on track.

There’s a happy spot somewhere in the middle,” says Brad Keselowski.

I would really like to see our sport get back to where we’ve been with practice and qualifying. From an owner’s perspective, we’re not really saving any significant amount of money, and arguably spending more in some areas, whether it’s the simulation or other pieces. I’d like to see us figure out a way to get that back on track,” added Brad Keselowski.

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