“I think that they absolutely turn the knob up a little bit for the show,” Dale Earnhardt Jr. opens up on the Tony-Ernie fiasco at last week’s SRX race

Dale Earnhardt Jr. shares his views on Ernie Francis having to face the wrath of Tony Stewart

dale earnhardt jr.
Tony Stewart, Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Ernie Francis Jr.

NASCAR Hall of Famer Dale Earhardt Jr. shared his opinion on the recent wake of events in last week’s Superstar Racing Experience aka SRX race at South Boston Speedway which involved Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s fellow NASCAR Hall of Famer Tony Stewart who is also the co-founder of the Superstar Racing Experience Series getting involved in a heated argument with Ernie Francis Jr. after the race which infuriated Stewart.

Tony Stewart who co-founded the SRX Series also happened to be the winner of the very first SRX Series Championship held last year and the Stewart-Francis argument wasn’t the only one that happened last week, in fact, it was a pretty controversial race with Stewart holding Ernie’s collar while they conversed, it also involved Paul Tracy who was upset with IndyCar legend Helio Castroneves and Michael Waltrip slamming Ryan Hunter-Reay into the outside wall under caution.

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“Like whatever emotion they’re having they just let it out, let it run,” Dale Earnhardt Jr. shares his thoughts on the controversial moment between Stewart and Francis

dale earnhardt jr.
Tony Stewart celebrates SRX 2021 Championship

NASCAR Hall of Famer Dale Earnhardt Jr. shared his own views on his podcast ‘Ask Jr.’, he admitted that he could never ever do something like that which Tony Stewart did to Ernie Francis Jr and that he’s a charming kid and added by speaking about the incident by saying that it’s all for the sake of making it entertaining for the fans and nothing else, that they just did not hold their emotions back and rather let them flow.

“We had Ernie in here, right, he’s a great kid. I couldn’t imagine ever being that — even if I was that angry with him, I couldn’t ever. I’d never be like, ‘Hey you’. It’s entertainment, I think that they absolutely turn the knob up a little bit for the show. Not that Tony’s frustration with Ernie was all an act, but I think that they absolutely just let it go. Like whatever emotion they’re having they just let it out, let it run, because it needs to be entertaining,” said Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. further added by saying that for the sake of the show that it is, entertainment is a must and they can’t just race and go home, there’s got to be some action, cursing, slamming but not way too much because they have to keep racing in the same cars every week and it is crucial that they don’t do too much damage to the vehicles and he concluded by saying that Saturday’s race met all the requirements of an entertaining race.

“They can’t just show up and run a race and go home. It’s a TV show. And so, CBS expects them to deliver. I think when they got done, they probably thought, ‘Yeah, we probably don’t need to do this much physical damage to the cars. We have to get them back on the race track in a very short period of time.’ I didn’t watch the whole thing but it absolutely checked off all the big boxes in entertainment for what they’re aiming for,” concluded Dale Earnhardt Jr.

SRX co-founder Tony Stewart also has plans to get Dale Earnhardt Jr. to race in the SRX and fans are eager to see Dale get back behind the wheel.

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