“It’s been challenging trying to get the cars up to speed,” Kevin Harvick reveals what held him back from getting the all-important win earlier this season

Kevin Harvick
Kevin Harvick
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NASCAR cup drivers will hit the track running at Richmond Raceway this weekend for the first of the last three cup races of the regular season. The short which produced one of the most underwhelming races earlier this season will be hoping to change that and have one of the best cup races of the season, just what the fans want as the series nears post-season.  

Kevin Harvick, the No:4 Stewart Hass Racing veteran, will be the main man to follow at Richmond as he had one of his best outings of the season at the track second only to his first win in the Next-Gen car coming in Michigan last weekend. Kevin Harvick will surely be a major competitor on the track on Sunday and will be hoping to convert his winning momentum to another front-raw finish.

One of the things that have been holding back the 2014 cup champion to bring the best out of him this season has been getting adjusted to the Next-Gen car and the changes it has gone through, as he had to unlearn and relearn a lot of things from the past. Now in his recent interview, the veteran has come forth expressing his thoughts on the challenges he faced in the Next-Gen car.

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Find out what Kevin Harvick had to say about his upcoming Richmond cup outing

Kevin Harvick
Kevin Harvick

Kevin Harvick acknowledged that trying to get the car up to speed desirable was the major challenge the team had to face this season so far and added that there are also things that seem absurd that held his momentum back. He pointed out that getting his break and gas pedal on the right spot on the car has also been a factor that hindered their progress.

It’s been challenging trying to get the cars up to speed, but there’s also been a factor of it being kind of fun because we talk about things – and we use the pedals as an example – we literally just got my pedals to where I can function inside the racecar about four or five weeks ago. I hated the gas pedal. I hated the brake pedal,” says Kevin Harvick.  

The Ford Mustang driver went on to say that the steering, the mirrors and pedals, and the things the team has been talking about are all different for the No:4 team compared to the past. He pointed out that they were able to get from the back of the grid to the front after the constant evolution that happened for the team.

The steering is different, the mirrors are different, the pedals are different, the things that you talk about to make the car work are different. We went from the back of the car up to the front of the car up. Everything is just different, and you have this constant evolution of things that are happening,” added Kevin Harvick.

Kevin Harvick pointed out that he has always been prepared for a change and put in the work. He pointed out that the No:4 team had a pretty extensive plan this year for the No:4 Mustang and worked in the simulator to get the best out of their car in short practices and the final race.

For me, I was prepared for change. I was prepared for work. We had a pretty extensive plan this year of using the simulator and trying to make it better, to make it fit with what we do at the racetrack with the short practices,” Kevin Harvick said.

Can Kevin Harvick get one more win before the playoffs or will the Michigan win be his last of the season?

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