‘It’s certainly on my radar,’ Kyle Busch on a potential Indy 500 debut in the future

Find out what NASCAR legend Kyle Busch has to say about a potential Indy500 entry for him in the future

Kyle Busch
Kyle Busch

Kyle Busch has been dominating the NASCAR grid for over two decades and the ‘Rowdy’ who is definitely a future Hall of Famer is considered one of the greatest in modern-day racing. The two times Cup Champion has more than 200 NASCAR race wins in all three series and is the only driver to have won more than 50 races in all three Nationwide NASCAR series.

Jimmie Johnson on the other hand is another NASCAR legend and has more than three times of championship wins with him compared to Kyle Busch. The veteran who ended his stock car racing career in 2018 to pursue his dream of toping the open-wheel racing is in Indianapolis right now in a bid to win the iconic Indy 500 in his debut season, that is 2022.

The Indy 500 is one of the dream destinations for drivers around the world and it was no surprise when Kyle Busch came forth expressing his wish to race in the Indy 500 in his pre-race interview at Texas Motor Speedway before the all-Star race.

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Find out what Kyle Busch said about his Indy 500 dreams

kyle busch
Kyle Busch celebrates victory at Bristol Motor Speedway

Kyle Busch acknowledged that NASCAR has been on his radar for quite some time and though he was denied an entry early in his career when he got spaceship deals and commitments ready, he is still on for the Indy 500. He went on to say that he isn’t that much committed right now for Indy added that but he is happy for his old friend and foe Jimmie Johnson who will be running this year’s race. He went on to say he isn’t surprised to see Jimmie Johnson taping the time charts in the Brickyard as he always has been fast in both Stock cars and everything else.

Yeah, I mean, you know, it’s certainly on my radar. The year that I had it sold and committed and sponsorship was there and everything like that, I got told no. And then I haven’t necessarily tried to sell sponsorship since, but there was an easy verbal yes, commitment. And things have changed obviously, so don’t have that these days, but overall, excited to be able to watch and cheering for old pal, Jimmie Johnson to go out there and run well and do good,Kyle Busch said.

He’s always been fast in stock cars and everything else so it’s no surprise to see him being up on the charts this time around. And looking forward to seeing him go next Sunday,” Kyle Busch added.

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“We may be a little behind the eight ball” Kyle Busch on how he expects Next-Gen car to run in Texas

Kyle Busch
Kyle Busch

Kyle Busch said that Team Penske Driver Ryan Blaney alongside some Toyota drivers was in for testing last year at Texas with the Next-Gen car and he was able to put in some good lap times though the Toyota crashed out early. He went on to say that though it might feel like they are a little behind in 1.5 Mile tracks their recent runs in such tracks show otherwise. Kyle Busch claimed that he believes they got a strong and fast car too at the win on Sunday.

I don’t know, there was a test here earlier this year, a tire test and such. I think (Ryan) Blaney was here and he was really fast. Unfortunately, our Toyota bunch, crashed out early so we didn’t get a whole lot of data,” kyle Busch said.

So, we may be a little behind the eight ball, but the last mile and a half this year would argue otherwise. So, we’d like to think we come out here and we’re fast and we have good strong race cars to go out here and try to win a million bucks,” Kyle Busch added.

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