“Don’t let them take it off for you,” MLB legend Joe Girardi gave Kevin Harvick a homerun-worthy retirement advice

Kevin Harvick ended his career on his own terms this season.

“Don’t let them take it off for you,” MLB legend Joe Girardi gave Kevin Harvick a homerun-worthy retirement advice

Kevin Harvick and Joe Girardi (Via IMAGO)

2014 NASCAR Cup Series champion Kevin Harvick made the final NASCAR Cup Series start of his career at Phoenix Raceway.  He ended his career with a solid P7 finish on the season finale, which marked an end to his Hall of Fame-worthy career. Harvick sought or got invaluable advice from many top athletes ahead of their retirement.  

He got some of the best advice from MLB legend Joe Girardi, the three-time championship-winning baseball star who later won a championship as a manager as well. He couldn’t retire on his terms, as he retired in 2016, only to unretire in 2020.  Girardi, while keeping his experience on his mind, told Harvick to retire on his own terms and not wait for inevitable ousting.

I think it’s – Joe Girardi [former MLB manager] said the same thing, he said, ‘Kevin make sure you take that jersey off for yourself, don’t let them take it off for you.’ And I think for me that really hit home. … I think for me, I’m very satisfied with being able to close that chapter myself.
Harvick said, as reported by On3.com.

Harvick has confirmed that he has no plans to race in the top tier again, as he knows he can’t be comparative driving part-time there. But he is open to continuing racing in NASCAR via part-time appearances in the Truck and Xfinity series. Since he has no manufacturer commitments left it won’t be hard for him to get a seat.

Mark Martin gave Kevin Harvick a similar advice

Before revealing the advice from Girardi, he detailed the advice he got from NASCAR legend Mark Martin. The Hall of Famer told Harvick that he should end his career only if he feels 100% that he is done with the sport. Martin failed to do the same as he retired and unretired multiple times from the sport.

Mark Martin and Kevin Harvick
Mark Martin and Kevin Harvick (Via IMAGO)
I think that’s one thing that Mark Martin was very clear on. And you know he had the retirement tour and unretired and raced several more years. ‘Kevin just make sure you race until you know 100% that you’re done.

Harvick’s primary target after retirement is to do a fine job in his new role as a broadcaster at Fox Sports. His future plans for racing will only be decided, according to what he said, after he gets the Fox role sorted.



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