NASCAR Twitter’s wild reaction to William Byron intentionally wrecking Denny Hamlin under caution and not getting penalized

Find out how NASCAR Twitter reacted to William Byron spinning Denny Hamlin and not getting penalized.

William Byron
William Byron and Denny Hamlin

The Texas Motor Speedway produced a shit show this Sunday with the cup playoff race. Tyler Reddick emerged victorious in the chaotic race which saw 17 different cautions. The good year tires were a disaster as the leading pack’s demise was caused by its lack of quality.

The drama was further escalated by the on-track altercation between William Byron and Denny Hamlin. To the surprise of many, the No:24 Hendrick Motorsports driver wrecked his Joe Gibbs Racing counterpart under caution. The caution was out due to Martin Truex Jr’s crash upfront.

William Byron spun Denny Hamlin from the rear as a retaliation to a move the veteran made his few laps before. For some bizarre reason, NASCAR didn’t penalize the youngster. The HMS driver deserved at least a couple of track positions.

After the race, William Byron acknowledged he intentionally made the move on Denny Hamlin. The No:11 driver wasn’t pleased with any of the incidents. He was disappointed with NASCAR for not penalizing his opponent for the dangerous move.

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How NASCAR Twitter reacted to the Denny Hamlin-William Byron incident

Denny Hamlin and William Byron

Fans were utterly disappointed that William Byron didn’t get penalized. They were frustrated because of the officiating and were quick to express it via Twitter. A few fans also came out in support of Byron for making the move on Hamlin. Fans are also quick to point fingers at NASCAR’s HMS bias.

Do you think NASCAR should penalize William Byron?

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