WATCH: Ryan Blaney flexes a custom jacket by ‘Stitched by Mitch’ featuring photos of his victories at NASCAR awards

Ryan Blaney has previously won rookie of the year and the most popular driver awards during his truck series.

WATCH: Ryan Blaney flexes a custom jacket by ‘Stitched by Mitch’ featuring photos of his victories at NASCAR awards

Ryan Blaney and his custom jacket (Credits: Fox Sports)

The 2023 NASCAR Awards Banquet unfolded at Nashville’s esteemed Music City Center on Thursday. This grand event not only concluded the 2023 NASCAR season but also offered a formal and joyous homage to champions across the three national series. Team Penske’s Ryan Blaney secured his inaugural championship in 2023, by toppling the Goliaths. His presence at the banquet was truly remarkable.

The racers were bestowed with nearly $100,000 in point fund monies and coveted contingency prizes, honoring those affiliated with Thunder Road and ACT during 2023. The soirée featured glamorous red-carpet moments and lauded various drivers and organizations for their stellar performances throughout the 2023 season. 


Amidst the glamour of the NASCAR Championship Banquet in Nashville, Blaney took center stage not only for his on-track triumphs but also for a sartorial choice that turned heads. The Team Penske driver, adorned in a bespoke jacket crafted by his friend “Stitched by Mitch,” made a bold statement. The inner lining of the jacket, a veritable visual chronicle, featured images capturing Blaney’s victorious moments throughout the season.

On the red carpet alongside his girlfriend Gianna Tulio, Blaney radiated a unique blend of confidence and humility. The jacket, a thoughtful gift from “Stitched by Mitch,” became a canvas narrating the tale of Blaney’s victories, culminating in his championship glory. Blaney shared that he received the jacket just 5 hours before the event.

Ryan Blaney asserts that it is not some mere jacket, but a ‘story told in stitches’

As Blaney stood on the precipice of NASCAR history, the jacket became not just an accessory but a symbol of triumph—a wearable gallery of his achievements. In the words of Blaney himself, “It’s not just a jacket; it’s a journey, a story told in stitches.” This unique fusion of fashion and racing lore encapsulated the essence of Blaney’s remarkable 2023 season and added an extra layer of significance to his coronation as the Cup Series champion.

Ryan Blaney in the victory lane
Ryan Blaney in the victory lane (Credits: Fox Sports)

In the tumultuous terrain of the 2023 NASCAR circuit, Ryan Blaney encountered adversity, notably a 36th-place setback at Nashville. However, his indomitable spirit and adaptability shone, reflecting his prowess on the challenging tracks. Demonstrating unwavering skill and resolve, Blaney secured a commendable 18 top-10 and eight top-five finishes throughout the season. 

Notable highlights included a historic triumph at the Bristol Dirt Race, a rarity in the Cup Series since 1970. The iconic Coca-Cola 600 witnessed his dominance, leading an impressive 163 laps, showcasing not just speed but remarkable endurance. Talladega’s superspeedway became the canvas for Blaney’s fifth victory, affirming his mastery across diverse tracks. A pivotal moment at Martinsville clinched his coveted spot in the Championship 4, sealing a triumphant chapter in Blaney’s racing saga.

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