‘They tried to make a wrong right by doing another wrong,’ Denny Hamlin once again calls out NASCAR for the ‘Horses***’ finish to the Texas All-Star race finish

Find out about Denny Hamlin once again calling out the controversial finish to the Texas All-Star race as he spoke to Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Denny Hamlin
Denny Hamlin

The controversy and comments on the Texas All-Star finish don’t seem to go anywhere even though NASCAR is hitting the Charlotte Motor Speedway this Sunday for the 14th round of cup racing in the one-of-a-kind Coco-Cola 600. Ryan Blaney’s one million dollars win over Denny Hamlin in Texas as NASCAR gave a pass to Blaney over certain safety laws following their mistakes.

The P2 finisher Denny Hamlin was quick to call out NASCAR after the race for the controversial finish as he deemed it hypocritical from the organization to allow Blaney to have the win when there were safety concerns over his window net. Ryan Blaney who thought he won the race started open his window net before realizing that NASCAR has called a premature caution just before he crossed the finish line.

Ryan Blaney was allowed to race in the final restart upfront and take the win by NASCAR though it was against the safety violations to let him race with half hooked safety net. Denny Hamlin who would have got the win if NASCAR abided by the rule has now once again come forth in the ‘Dale Jr. Download’ podcast hosted by Hall of Fame driver Dale Earnhardt Jr.

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Find out what Denny Hamlin said

Denny Hamlin
Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Denny Hamlin

Denny Hamlin claimed that NASCAR tried to make a wrong by doing another wrong and just screwed up. He added that he feels like NASCAR tried to lie saying  ‘Oh, his window net was up and he was steering the car.’ and called the move by NASCAR  ‘Horses***’ as he was right there with Blaney seeing him with the incompletely hooked window net.

They tried to make a wrong right by doing another wrong. That’s just screwed up. I just felt like they tried to lie to us and say, ‘Oh, his window net was up and he was steering the car.’ Horses***. I was right there. You can see it’s not up,Denny Hamlin said.

Denny Hamlin went on to say if they were going to bend the rules they should have let the Blaney crew come in and fix the net and pointed out that NASCAR should have never let a driver race without the window net especially when it’s the resort under green-white-checkered of the race. Denny Hamlin added that it had a high probability that him and Blaney going to crash as Blaney was leading the All-Star race.

If they were going to bend the rules, then just let him come in and fix it. At no reason should we ever be letting a driver out there with no window net up? Especially, we’re about to race for a win on a green-white-checkered. The probability of us crashing was probably going to be pretty high considering what we were racing for, an All-Star win. He’s the leader and you know his window net is not secured,” says Denny Hamlin.

Denny Hamlin went on to add that NASCAR should be suspending the officials in the controlling tower who called the caution hypocritically as he is seeing his crew sitting out of races for the 4 weeks due to a safety violation called for tire rolling down the pit lane.

“My crew is gone for four weeks because we had a tire rolling down pit lane because it’s a safety issue. I’m like, well, who are they suspending up in the tower because they need to be gone for four weeks as well,” Denny Hamlin added.

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