‘The car, in general, is pretty edgy,’ Mitchel McDowell on the comfortability of driving Next-Gen cars

Find out what Mitchel McDowell had to say about the comfortable level of driving Next-Gen cars as he returns to his home state Arizona for Ruoff Mortgage 500 in Phoenix

Mitchel McDowell
Mitchel McDowell

The debut of Next-Gen cars has produced a mixed reaction among fans and drivers alike as the uncertainty of cars’ performance is still in the air. The drivers are sometimes finding it hard to control the car as an increased number of cautions due to crashes had been a general phenomenon from the start of 2022.

Mitchel McDowell will be back in his home state Arizona this weekend and his first three rounds of the 2022 NASCAR cup series season with the Next-Gen cars being an average ride for, the 2021 Daytona 500 winner was will be hoping to bounce back in the home.

Now the No. 34 Ford Mustang driver has shared his opinion on the comfortability range he and the rest of the NASCAR drivers have been able to reach with the Next-Gen cars.

Find out what Mitchel McDowell said

Mitchel McDowell
Mitchel McDowell

Mitchel McDowell acknowledged that the next generation cars are pretty edgy and not all the drivers have been able to get comfortable with the car. He went on to say that the short practice sessions NASCAR implemented for this year’s races are not adequate enough to help the drivers to get comfortable with the car and track more.

1 don’t think anybody is super comfortable. The car in general is pretty edgy. As we can see in practice and qualifying and the race, you can get behind and or race that we do we’re all getting a little bit more comfortable and a little bit more confident of where that limit is but with that short practice it is definitely a challenge firing off in kill mode and trying to be ten-tenths because each track is different with this NextGen car,” Mitchel McDowell said.

nextgennascar - FirstSportz
Next-Gen car

Mitchel McDowell went on to say he is confident about the comfort level he has with the car but added that you can’t afford to let your guard down with the next-gen cars as they possess a high risk of crashes.

Normally, we have a pretty good notebook and have some ideas, so you ease into it a little bit throughout the weekend, but, for me, I feel really confident, the time I felt like we had everything worked out. Our heights were good and everything was driving Don’t let your guard down with this car, for sure. It can snap around really quickly,” says Mitchel McDowell.

NASCAR will hit the Phoenix Raceway, Avondale for Ruoff Mortgage 500, the 4th race of the Cup series in 2022, on 14 March.

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