Tony Stewart breaks silence on rumors over selling Eldora Speedway

Tony Stewart was disappointed with the Eldora rumors.

Tony Stewart breaks silence on rumors over selling Eldora Speedway

Tony Stewart (Via IMAGO)

Former NASCAR and IndyCar car champion Tony Stewart surprised the whole racing community when he and his co-owner Gene Haas announced that they will cease operations of Stewart Haas Racing at the end of 2024 season. The team is selling all four of their charters, with the first one already been sold to Front Row Motorsports for over $20 million.

It wasn’t the first major disinvestment from racing Tony Stewart has made over the last couple of years. He sold his sprint car dirt racing series to Kyle Larson’s High Limit Racing, abandoned the SRX Racing series as well. Recently there were rumours that suggested that he is now looking to sell his dirt track, Eldora Speedway as well.

The NHRA racer has responded to the rumors are has shot down the claims that he is looking to sell the track that he has owned since 2004. He asserted that the track is not for sale and nor he has even sold it. Stewart hilariously said that rumors might have some practical joke from someone on the internet.

I don’t know who was really bored and thought they would play a nice practical joke at home, but this track is not sold and it is not for sale.
Tony Stewart told Floracing.

Tony Stewart admitted he was unhappy about the rumors

The ex-SHR driver went on to point out that he is a proud owner of the track that has been part of the legacy of Earl and Bernice, from 1954. So, when the rumours got to him, he was very unhappy about it.

Tony Stewart
Tony Stewart (Via IMAGO)
This is a tradition with Earl and Bernice that they started back in 1954 that we’re proud to be owners of this race track. It’s something that we’re passionate about. Trust me, when my phone started blowing up yesterday, it did not make me happy.
Tony Stewart said.

The Hall of Famer has made it point clear that unlike his Cup Series team, he won’t be considering the sale of the track that has been part of his legacy in the last 20 years. He seems to have a lot of plans in place for the track.

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