WATCH: Kevin Harvick advocates for getting rid of NASCAR waiver system for the sake of “simplicity”

Kevin Harvick needs more simpler waiver system.

WATCH: Kevin Harvick advocates for getting rid of NASCAR waiver system for the sake of “simplicity”

Kevin Harvick (Via IMAGO)

One of the major controversies surrounding NASCAR over the last few weeks has been the waiver drama over Kyle Larson missing the Coca Cola 600 because of his Double attempt and rain. He was finally given the waiver this week by NASCAR, but the drama hasn’t ended there as some reckons it has opened a can of warns.

2014 NASCAR Cup champion Kevin Harvick is one of the many who has a similar feeling. He reckons the lack of proper guidelines and few individuals having the decision-making power makes it a complicated system. He indirectly argued that by just not having the waiver system and get away with all the complications.

He pointed out that for the sake of simplicity it’s better to have the racers who scored the most points or the one with the wins gets a spot in the playoffs. Kevin Harvick asserted that the racers that can’t get enough points or the ones can’t win a race doesn’t deserve a place in the playoffs to fight for the championship.

Why doesn’t everybody just get one drop? If you’re going to make it OK for one guy to miss a race, why is it not OK for the guy who races all the races to get rid of his worst one? I don’t know what the solution is, I like simplicity. I like simplicity of who gains the most points. The top 16 guys that gain the most points, they get into the playoffs. … And let’s not forget, you can also just win. You’ve given the way to get into playoff of winning, and if you can’t win, you don’t deserve to be there
Kevin Harvick said Happy Hour podcast.

Jeff Burton is absolutely against such situations

Another NASCAR legend Jeff Burton while addressing the calls for getting rid of the waiver system pointed out that it’s not the right call. He pointed out that such decisions will create situations where drivers will avoid racing in any events.

Jeff Burton (Credits: Net Worth Post)
Jim Burton (Credits: Net Worth Post)
I would be completely against a situation in which a driver that’s racing the for a Cup Championship wasn’t required to run every race unless there was an extraordinary circumstance…I am not a fan of having a system that a driver say, ‘Okay, I know I’m in the playoffs, so now I’m going to run a particular race that I want to run or I’m gonna go to the beach.
Jeff Burrton said.

The points made by Burton is right and the NASCAR fans deserves to see their drivers race in every event. If there are no extraordinary circumstances, the drivers shouldn’t be allowed to miss races if they are racing full time.

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