20-year-old Michael Jordan’s bizarre outfit is going viral on internet for all the wrong reasons

Anything trends on social media, including the evergreen Michael Jordan who has lately been trending for the wrong reason with his outfit.

Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan has often seeped in from the goat conversation to conversations which are often not about basketball, but something different, at least that is what it seems for now. The GOAT has had his own fair share of representation in the media and the platform twitter but this team, he seems to be going viral for reasons which are nothing but totally wrong. Basketball stars have their own style of drip which is unmatched and therefore, it is a common occurrence among them to wear things, which often don’t sit very well with the media or the people watching at home.

Michael Jordan in his 20s and in fact throughout his life has been having fun, and that fun translates from the court to off of it, where the player has succeeded in every sphere of life. His professional sphere has already been blessed with being called as one of the greatest to ever do it, and his personal life is full of leisure, wealth and other habits which don’t really belong to that of a common man, and therefore, even in his 20s, when Jordan did have more stardom than even the superstars in his time, he chose to wear certain fits, which then might’ve looked good, but now? It seems not.

Let us take a closer look at this incident on social media where Michael Jordan went viral on twitter for absolutely wrong reasons and how people on twitter reacted to seeing his not so cool fit.

Michael Jordan goes viral for wrong reasons

Michael Jordan
Michael Jordan

Jordan back in the day had a different fashion sense than what would align with the current generation of basketball players, and therefore, the current generation of viewers weren’t ready to see this image of Jordan with a fit they didn’t really appreciate. With what you see from players these days, you definitely can’t expect that from Jordan in thee 80s, but you still did, and that is why he probably got roasted.

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In his illustrious 14-year career in the NBA, Jordan achieved things no one else did, had an impact like no one else, and perfection became synonymous with him. But supposedly not his dress. Jordan in this scene was seen dressed up in a pullover and jeans with an umbrella in his hand as he danced and listened to music, which seemed as if he was goofing around in his dormitory in the 80s. The 20 year old Jordan wasn’t really sure of what he would see in his future where people would roast him on twitter for that picture of his.

What was also spotted by users on social media was a poster of someone in his dormitory, and that someone was former NBA star Marques Johnson who played for Milwaukee Bucks during that time. Jordan eventually played against Johnson who was in the Clippers during that time and in the Clippers and Bulls’ 6 matchups, Bulls won 5 of them as Jordan idolized Johnson and then went on to defeat him.

Let us take a look at the reactions people had on twitter to Jordan’s fit and the wrong reasons for him going viral.

The Jordan Vault

Twitter Reacts to Michael Jordan’s fit and roasts him for wrong reasons

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