“Alright Jalen, Abort Mission” Stephen Curry and Lil Wayne left in hysterics as Jalen Green misses consecutive Worst Dunks

Jalen Green took multiple attempts and bad fails in his quest to win the NBA Dunk Contest this year, which he poorly lost.

Lil Wayne, Jalen Green and Stephen Curry
Lil Wayne, Jalen Green and Stephen Curry

Jalen Green, the young talent from the Houston Rockets definitely wasn’t looking forward to the kind of night he had at the NBA Dunk Contest 2022, which was a sub-par event overall and even despite the event having such a low level of expectation from it, Green managed to surprise everyone with a bad fail at one of the worst dunk attempts which left people in the arena laughing hysterically and the focus specifically went on two guys who seemed to be enjoying it a bit too much, The Golden State Warriors’ star Stephen Curry and American Rap Singer Lil Wayne.

As we get into the depths of this occurrence, we will get to see how Stephen Curry and Lil Wayne couldn’t stop themselves from laughing after Green’s attempt which threw the ball in the air and had to hide their faces in order to not be caught laughing on camera frantically. With what was considered to be a sub-par event even according to the regular NBA standards, the NBA Dunk Contest failed to excite anyone in the arena, even people like Shaquille O’Neal who has overexaggerated reactions to every single dunk, and this time, Shaq seemed so serious and bored that we can’t even express how boring the contest was.

Let us now get into the depths of what happened at the instance where Jalen Green missed one of the worst dunk attempts leaving everyone gasping for air and questioning where the real aura of the NBA Dunk Contest had gone away.

Jalen Green misses worst dunk attempt, leaves the audience in hysterics

Jalen Green
Jalen Green

With what is considered to be a star-studded affair as people from the highest level of different fields come to watch this event, the NBA Dunk Contests are one of the most exciting and electrifying happenings in the NBA All Star Week, which attract attention from everyone all around the world. This year, it wasn’t any different in the terms of people who came to watch the event, but where it was different was in the department how the participants in contention for the title performed.

The New York Knicks’ Obi Toppin took the title of the NBA Dunk Contest Winner this year, but the event overall was a flop to some extent, and didn’t create much buzz keeping in mind the kind of performances the participants showed in the event, missing several dunks, making flop dunks and having potentially the worst attempts at dunking, which is exactly what Jalen Green did in this instance.

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Jalen Green stood at the right corner of the court behind the rim and had someone bounce the ball off the edges of the board, to which he would take a rebound and have a massive dunk, but that isn’t exactly how it went down, instead, the ball went up, we’ll tell you how. Jalen Green took the rebound from the edges of the backboard, brought it between his legs, and then went for the dunk, which is exactly when the player instead of dunking it into the rim, missed, and threw it high up in the air and then looked back at it as if he was expecting it to go in.


Jalen Green’s worst failed attempts

The fact that Green had had multiple failed attempts and consecutive worst misses makes it more funny to realise that players have had better landing percentages in shooting from outside the paint in comparison to Jalen Green who had to put the ball inside the ring from under it. Someone even said, “Jalen Green’s NFT was for the Nine Fuc***g Times he tried his dunk attempt”

This incident left people laughing hysterically and gasping for air as they couldn’t trust their eyes on what they had seen and how could anyone have missed such a bad dunk attempt. The focus initially went on rapper Lil Baby who was tried to look at something else in order to distract himself, besides whom was seated the man Lil Wayne, who couldn’t stop himself from laughing and just continued shaking his head, and then the camera moves to where Stephen and Ayesha Curry are seated and Steph at that particular incidence cannot stop himself from laughing frantically.

With what was seen as one of the worst dunking attempts, it wasn’t just Jalen Green who disappointed, but it was the entire event which was a failure keeping in mind the standards of the NBA Dunk Contests which it didn’t live up to, at all. We don’t always expect he Aaron Gordon and Zach Lavine kind of battles in the contest, but we at least expect something exciting from the participants, who didn’t give us anything of that sort, and instead handed us boring dunks, multiple attempts and miserable fails.

Let us now take a look at how twitter reacted to Jalen Green’s night at the NBA Dunk Contest and their specific reactions to his missed dunk.

Twitter Reacts to Jalen Green’s night at the NBA Dunk Contest

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