Who are Andrew Wiggins’ daughters, Amyah Wiggins and Alayah Wiggins?

Know all about Golden State Warriors' forward Andrew Wiggins' adorable daughters, Amyah and Alayah Wiggins.

Who are Andrew Wiggins’ daughters, Amyah Wiggins and Alayah Wiggins?

Andrew Wiggins' daughters (via Instagram)

Golden State Warriors versatile forward Andrew Wiggins is now playing his tenth season in the league. Since being drafted in 2014, Wiggins has substantially upped his game and has been a vital member of the 2022 Championship-winning Warriors team. Besides being an excellent baller, Andrew Wiggins is a family man and an exceptional father to his daughters.


Andrew Wiggins shares two daughters with his longtime partner, Mychal Johnson. The couple has been dating since 2013 and continues to remain together as a family. 

Wiggins’ daughters Amyah and Alayah Wiggins were born in 2018 and 2021 respectively, adding to their happy family. Here’s what you need to know about Andrew Wiggins’ adorable daughters.

Andrew Wiggins’ daughters Amyah and Alayah Wiggins

Andrew Wiggins’ eldest daughter Amyah Wiggins was born in October 2018. Her mother is Mychal Johnson, an American entrepreneur and former Notre Dame volleyball player. Amyah is now five years old and she often attends her father’s games from the sidelines with their mom.


Alayah Wiggins, the second daughter of the couple, was born in April 2021. The youngest member of the Wiggins family is only two years old but shares a very warm bond with both her mother and father. The Wiggins kids are often in attendance during their father’s NBA games.

Andrew Wiggins' daughters Amyah Wiggins and Alayah Wiggins
Mychal Johnson with Amyah and Alayah Wiggins (via Instagram)

Their mom Mychal Johnson often posts the kids’ pictures on her Instagram. Whether Amyah and Alayah will take to sports remains to be seen.

Last season, Andrew Wiggins missed a substantial number of regular season games owing to ‘personal reasons’ that neither the Warriors nor the player properly revealed to the public. It was previously reported that Wiggins’ father was undergoing a critical medical condition that prompted the player to distance himself from the court to spend more time with his family. Nevertheless, Andrew Wiggins and Mychal Johnson continue to raise their two adorable daughters as one happy family.


Q. How many kids does Andrew Wiggins have?

Andrew Wiggins has two daughters with his partner Mychal Johnson.

Q. How old is Amyah Wiggins?

Amyah Wiggins is five years old.

Q. How old is Alayah Wiggins?

Alayah Wiggins is two years old.

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