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“But I have to agree with Dennis Rodman, if he was black, he’d be just another good guy” Isiah Thomas sarcastically jokes about Celtics legend Larry Bird

Read and know more about the heated exchange between Isiah Thomas and Larry Bird as Jackie MackMullan reports.

Larry Bird, Dennis Rodman and Isiah Thomas

Isiah Thomas and Larry Bird were the OG rivals in the eastern conference when Michael Jordan was pacing up to dethrone them. Not many are aware but the eastern conference was always though in the 80s and 90s. As the Bad Boys from Detroit Pistons were ready to do anything to come up at the top against their rivals Boston Celtics. This made up a heated rivalry between Isiah Thomas and Larry Bird which lasted for years until the Michael Jordan-led Chicago Bulls stepped up in the conversation. 

The Boston Celtics from 1983 to 1986 went to three straight NBA Finals but the next year during the playoffs things weren’t that smooth for the Boston Celtics. As Larry Bird and team were not able to wipe out the Detroit Pistons as they forced a Game 7 under the leadership of their star point guard Isiah Thomas. But unfortunately, the result stayed the same and the Boston Celtics advanced winning past the Detroit Pistons. The game back in the 80s and 90s was more fun as there were more of physical plays and trash-talking which eventually made the players fire verbal shots during the interview for their rivals.

Dennis Rodman

One such shot which was fired by Isiah Thomas towards Larry Bird is back in trend. As in Jackie MackMullan’s Icons Club, she recalled some comments that were exchanged along with the stories behind it and how it ended. Even Dennis Rodman got a piece of it as he started it with a comment of his trying to bring down the three-time MVP Larry Bird and calling him overrated just because of being white.

Larry Bird

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Isiah Thomas and Larry Bird’s exchange

Isiah Thomas

Isiah Thomas in the interview quoted: ”Larry Bird is a very, very good basketball player. I think he’s an exceptional talent. But I’d have to agree with Rodman, if he was black he’d be just another good guy.” The star point guard even apologized for it saying that was sarcastically said by him. But Jackie MackMullan who was present during the post-game interview countering him revealed: “I was there in the Boston Garden visitors’ locker room that night. I couldn’t believe what I had just heard. Within minutes, the explosive comments spread like wildfire. They were damning and they were met with a fury I’ve not seen before or since in my profession. Isiah would later claim he was being sarcastic, that he was joking. But I heard him say it and in that moment of frustration, he meant it.”

Dennis Rodman was also forced to apologize to Larry Bird for his racial remarks. But unexpectedly Larry Bird himself jumped in on a press conference and quoted: “If Isiah tells me that it was in a joking matter, I think we should leave it at that.” The situation now probably stands under control. As both, the players are Hall of Famers and members of NBA 75 and would have surely talked it out because it’s been three decades since the exchange between them happened.

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