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“Coward”: Twitter mocks Enes Kanter Freedom after shying away from altercation with LeBron James

Get to know how hoop fans mocked Enes Knater Freedom in an incident involving LeBron James during Lakers vs Celtics most recent showdown.

Enes Kanter Freedom and LeBron James

Enes Kanter Freedom and LeBron James are two players whose off-court antics and rivalry have often made the headlines. Especially now with the Boston Celtics marquee player being vocal about King James’ stance on China, many expected the former to lock horns with his long-loved companion at the Staples Center during Lakers vs Celtics showdown. However, an instance from the game has the fans talking, but unfortunately this time Freedom is definitely on the weaker side. 

To bring everyone on the same page, Enes Kanter Freedom has taken multiple shots on players like Michael Jordan and LeBron James while calling out the ‘dictatorship’ of China. In the process, Enes Kanter has accused LeBron for quite some allegations, but when the latter decided to teach Boston Celtics’ bench about how he runs the game, the 29-years-old was hesitant to even make an eye contact. 

Hoop Fans mock Enes Kanter Freedom for maintaining silence against LeBron James 

During the Lakers vs Celtics game, LeBron James decided to take matters in his own hand to lead the purple and gold army against their most iconic Eastern Conference rival. Having scored 16 points, including two 3-pointers in the opening quarter, LeBron was in no mood to slow down. On the same pace, in the third quarter, LeBron declined former teammate Dennis Schroder of a tough layup for which a foul was adjourned. 

LeBron James and Enes Kanter

Now, after the incident, with Enes Kanter Freedom on the Celtics bench, LeBron decided to have a debate upon the same with all the players sitting on the benches, one of which was the very ‘outspoken’ Enes, who unwittingly decided to turn away from having any verbal banter with red-hot King. 

Having said that, take a look at how hoop fans reacted upon the same- 

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