“Does his wife know about this?” TikTok User exposes LeBron James for being ‘Over-Friendly’ with fan at Lakers game 

Anything truly goes as one TikTok user was watching the Lakers game a little to hard when he noticed a strange interaction from LeBron and an unknown woman at a recent Lakers game.

LeBron James with fan
LeBron James with fan

The Los Angeles Lakers went 0-4 after the All-Star break and fanatics knew that there was going to be only one man who can bring them out of their losing streak, LeBron James. Not to upset the fan base even further, after being extensively booed at home, King James stole all the limelight after knocking season-best tally of 56 points to secure a hard-fought win against Stephen Curry’s Golden State Warriors. 

However, with the sporting world and NBA fans heaping praise onto the legendary of LeBron, one TikTok user exposed him of being over-friendly with a courtside female fan. And the internet cannot keep their calm, ever since that video has gone viral.  

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LeBron James’ over-friendly interaction with female fan at Lakers Game 

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LeBron James

There is absolutely no other NBA star who has had the same number of critics or haters than LeBron James. Probably that is what, describes his persona, the best. Fans would be aware that anything on TikTok goes viral, perhaps that was the same case when LeBron James had a rather bit uncomfortable interaction with this courtside fan, whose identity remains to be unknown. 

Talking about the clip, it is from Lakers loss against the Dallas Mavericks, with LeBron James walking off the court with yet another frustrating defeat. This woman could be seen patting the King on the way and the latter too reciprocated as if they knew one another. 

Luka Doncic and LeBron james
Luka Doncic and LeBron James

LeBron James dropped 26 points against Mavericks but even then, Lakers came out short. That being said, the Lakers would be requiring more of such performances from King James, if they are to have any hopes of making it int the playoffs or even secure a berth in the play-in tournament. New Orleans Pelicans and Portland Trail Blazers are right on their toes, with further slip ups, purple and gold army might just experience the unthinkable fall-down. But with LeBron dawning the jersey, let’s see if the Lakers could make an astonishing comeback in the 2021-22 season.

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