Does Nike still pay Michael Jordan? How much of Nike does Jordan own?

The Jordan brand continues to earn MJ millions every year. So exactly how much of Nike does Michael Jordan own?

Does Nike still pay Michael Jordan? How much of Nike does Jordan own?

Michael Jordan Nike deal (Image: FS)

Michael Jordan is one of the greatest ever to have graced the game. The NBA legend has amassed a vast fortune from endorsements and partnerships. But perhaps the most iconic of those partnerships have been Michael Jordan’s deal with Nike.

Since the launch of Air Jordan in 1984, the world had been taken by storm. Nike’s sales skyrocketed overnight, and the NBA changed forever. Throughout his stellar career, Jordan has dominated the courts, winning six NBA championships with the Chicago Bulls. Nike also benefitted from this success.

The Jordan brand continues to earn MJ millions every year and constitutes about 11% of Nike sales today. So exactly how much of Nike does Michael Jordan own?

When did Jordan sign his Nike deal?

Michael Jordan was offered a Nike deal during his rookie year in the NBA. Although MJ was inclined to sign with Adidas at first, Jordan ended up sealing the deal with Nike.

Back in 1984, the sportswear world was dominated by Adidas. However, Jordan’s deal would go on to turn the tables. Nike offered Jordan $500,000 for five years, and MJ accepted the offer.

Michael Jordan
Michael Jordan (via Imago)

But the launch of the shoes stirred controversy across the NBA when Jordan first wore them on the court. Back then, the NBA only allowed athletes to wear white shoes. Jordan’s first iconic ‘Air Jordan’ featured red, black, and white, symbolizing the Chicago Bulls. MJ was fined $5,000 every game he wore Air Jordan, and this spurred a media craze over the iconic shoes.

The first Air Jordans were launched in 1985 in retail shops, and the rest is history. In the very first year of its launch, Nike sold over $125 million worth of Air Jordans. To date, the Jordan Brand remains one of Nike’s most important productions.

Does Nike still pay Michael Jordan? 

Yes, Michael Jordan still owns his royalties of Air Jordan and is said to earn an estimated 5% on every Jordan sale Nike makes. As of today, Michael Jordan has earned over $1.4 billion from the Jordan Brand till date. His yearly revenues are said to amount to over $60 million every year.

Michael Jordan
Michael Jordan (via AP)

It is incredible how, even today, the Jordan brand continues to be one of Nike’s leading sales figures. Over the years, the brand value has escalated, and according to recent records, it has increased 31% between 2021-22. The timeless designs have held a special place in the hearts of fans over the years.

How much of Nike does Jordan own?

Although the original percentage of Jordan’s share in Nike is not widely known, it is estimated to be about 5% of every Nike Jordan sale made. Back in 1984, when Nike allowed the elite scorer to make his own line of signature shoes, Nike had only projected to make $3 million worth of sales.

Incredibly, Air Jordan sold over $126 million worth of shoes in the first year of its launch. As of today, Jordan brand approximately totals over 11% of Nike sales.

Michael Jordan
MJ (via celebwire)

An all-time great, MJ is one of the richest sports personalities in the world. With a staggering $1.7 billion net worth, Jordan is a massive global icon.

Michael Jordan’s iconic partnership with Nike has further cemented his presence across the sporting world. Even today, Jordan continues to add to his vast wealth earning millions every year from Nike’s Jordan brand.

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