“Fakers are blown away once again”: Skip Bayless lodges latest attack at Lakers after a calamitous loss against 13th seeded Pacers

Skip Bayless criticizes the Lakers beating a ‘legitimate’ team who comes into the game with six losses out of seven games run.

Skip bayless and Russell westbrook
Skip bayless and Russell westbrook

After the Los Angeles Lakers succumbed to a surprising defeat to the Indiana Pacers by blowing up a 15-Point lead at home, Skip Bayless who has been on the throat of the Lakers gives a reality check to them for what the real problem is within the team. With the Lakers celebrating a win which meant a huge deal for the Los Angeles Lakers in terms of them beating a ‘legitimate’ team, surely the 70-years-old analyst is not having it at all.

Skip Bayless on Los Angeles Lakers as they hit “rock bottom”

Los Angeles Lakers
Los Angeles Lakers

Skip Bayless is an American sports Commentator, a television personality, and an analyst. He has been behind the Lakers throughout the season and gives them a reality check after their loss to the Indiana Pacers and blames LeBron James who is responsible to bring Russel Westbrook on board the Los Angeles Lakers roster.

Lakers lost against a Pacers team as skip Bayless points out how the Lakers blew their lead by mentioning, “ they were up 15 points late in the first quarter, they are actually up 14 points midway through the second quarter on an Indiana team that came in this game with the worst road record in the NBA 3-17”. The fact that the Pacers have been without their star man Malcolm Brogdon.

Lakers went into the fourth quarter leading the game with just 4 points and a game in which Malcolm Brogdon made a return was unable to play in the fourth quarter. The Lakers lost the match by scoring only 24 points whereas the heroics of Caris LeVert saw his team scoring 35 points out of which he scored 22 points. Blowing up a lead against the third-worst team in the eastern conference does not look good for the Lakers.

Caris LeVert led 13th seeded Pacers stun Lakers

Caris LeVert  and Indiana Pacers
Caris LeVert

Caris LeVert broke the record of scoring the highest number of points for an Indiana Pacers team in the fourth quarter which was previously set by the great Reggie Miller who scored 21. LeBron could only come up with the statement that “ one man Exploded their game-plan”. Skip Points that the Lakers have lost four out of five games and the only win coming against a Utah Jazz team.

Skip Bayless lodges latest attack on LeBron James’ Lakers

Skip Bayless cuts down the celebration of the Lakers team against the Jazz who they considered to be a ‘legitimate’ team. Skip, However, drop another bomb where he asks if Utah Jazz is a ‘legitimate’ team? Saying “ Utah has lost last six of its seven games including last night at home to the worst team in the western conference against the Houston Rockets who beat Utah at Utah by 5 points!”.

The big four of the Utah Jazz scored one out of twenty-six from 3’s, to which Skip says that with such sort of performance it is no achievement for them and should not be a life-line for Frank Vogel’s job as the Lakers coach who has been empowered with doing what needs to be done with Russell Westbrook who has been a disaster for the Lakers.

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Russell Westbrook
Russell Westbrook

Russel Westbrook who played only 3 minutes and Austin Reeves who is an undrafted rookie played 9 minutes in the fourth quarter against the Jazz and the reason Russell Westbrook was subbed off was that he missed 12 shots out of a possible 17. What’s also shocking to look at is that he is ranking in the lower half of all the possible rankings he is topping the number of minutes played, which now is looking to be in Skip’s words “ its just liability, liability, liability”.

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