“Mans going through it,” NBA fans react to Michael Jordan sitting dejected courtside as he witnesses his Hornets’ struggle

Fans react to Michael Jordan sitting dejected courtside during the Hornets loss to the Magic.

“Mans going through it,” NBA fans react to Michael Jordan sitting dejected courtside as he witnesses his Hornets’ struggle

Michael Jordan (Credits: ESPN)

Michael Jordan, the legendary basketball player and current Charlotte Hornets owner, was seen with a dejected face during the Hornets’ most recent loss to the Orlando Magic. The team has struggled all season, and the absence of their young star player, LaMelo Ball, who is out for the remainder of the season due to an injury, has made matters worse.


Jordan, known for his fierce competitiveness and winning mentality on the court, has struggled to replicate his success on the NBA court as a team owner. The Hornets have not advanced past the first round of the playoffs since Jordan took over in 2010. Despite investing in young talent, the team has yet to produce consistently.

Jordan was seen sitting dejected with his head in his hands during the game against the Magic. The Hornets had trouble keeping up with the Magic, falling behind early and eventually losing 117-106. It was a disappointing performance, and Michael Jordan’s reaction reflected the team’s and fans’ disappointment.

The Hornets have suffered a big blow as a result of LaMelo Ball’s absence. The 20-year-old point guard was having a fantastic season prior to his injury. Due to Ball’s absence, the team’s other players have been under more pressure to step up and fill the hole.


Jordan’s ownership of the Hornets has been criticized by certain individuals for his hands-on approach to team management. Some say he has impeded the team’s progress by making personnel decisions and participating in day-to-day operations. Others believe that Jordan’s presence is critical to the team’s success and that his competitiveness and winning mentality are significant advantages.

Nonetheless, the Hornets are definitely having an awful season. With Ball out for the remainder of the season, the team’s other players will have to step up if the team is to turn things around. For the time being, Jordan may continue to find it tough to witness his team’s troubles from the owner’s box.

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Fans react to Michael Jordan sitting dejected during the Hornets’ loss


As Michael Jordan sat dejected on the bench, witnessing his team’s struggles, fans on Twitter had a field day. Many fans displayed their sarcastic side, saying that it’s not the Hornets who have broken Jordan; it’s the other way around. Several others criticized his Hornets ownership and his inability to translate his on-court success into management.


Michael Jordan and the Hornets will be hoping to bounce back next season. “His Airness” will hope to make some game-changing moves in the offseason and pull his team out of the rut. It’ll be intriguing to see how the Hornets will fair next season.

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