“He is on the way! Join the hype train” Fans lose their mind as Kawhi Leonard makes surprising entry on-court before tip-off

Kawhi Leonard has had everyone in shock after what seemed to have been a hour long shooting routine from the Clippers man in the Warriors home court before the game.

Kawhi Leonard
Kawhi Leonard

Kawhi Leonard has just gone and shocked the whole NBA world by making an appearance in the Warriors home where he was seen in a shooting routine. Not forgetting the fact that the playoffs are beginning just 5 weeks from now.

The teams in Los Angeles have suffered various injury setbacks during this season, with Anthony Davis and LeBron James taking time off with injury and the same goes for the Los Angeles Lakers and  Kawhi Leonard and Paul George for the Los Angeles Clippers. With both the teams suffering major injury setbacks, the Clippers have coped well without their 2 talismans. Even when the Clippers faced the Lakers, they defeated the Lakers, who had LeBron James playing both the games for them.

The Clippers last season were flying high in the post-season, with both Leonard and George fit for them and guiding the team. Up until their game against the Utah Jazz when Kawhi Leonard suffered an ACL injury before he was scoring 30 points, 4 assists, and 7 rebounds, the injury suffered made him come off the court for the remainder of the games. Fast forward a year and now he is looking to make a surprise return to the post-season when he injured himself last year.

Kawhi Leonard shocks the NBA

Kawhi Leonard
Kawhi Leonard

After suffering an ACL injury last season, it is a general recovery period that lasts more than 8 months, when the initial reports came in it was supposed to keep him out for the remainder of the season or the duration of a whole season. Things have, however, turned in the favor of the Clippers and Leonard, when it was seen that his recovery was going great and in a speedy fashion. There were rumors of him making a return, but not exactly when. Then is when he shocked everyone by making an appearance before the Warriors game when he was seen during a shooting drill.

 As things stand it looks like the whole NBA fanbase is reacting to his appearance, making it a possible hot topic of him making a return to the playoffs which will play a huge role in the chances of Clippers going forward.

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