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“He’s doing this for years after years you know , it’s good to see”: Russell Westbrook hails LeBron James defensive effort vs Orlando Magic

Russell Westbrook appreciates Lebron James putting up efforts on the defensive end.

The recent match-up of Los Angeles Lakers and Orlando Magic resulted in a win for the L.A Lakers. The Los Angeles Lakers winning against the Orlando Magic are now ranked 6th in the western conference with the record of 15-13 (W-L) and Magic is ranked 14th in the eastern conference with the record of 5-23 (W-L). Defensive efforts were seen by the Los Angeles Lakers as they were able to hold down the Magic’s offense and kept the lead safe.

LeBron James dropping 30 points, 10 assists and 11 rebounds secured 101st triple double of his career. James was tight on the defensive end and had 3 highlights worthy block while the team was also able to lockdown the offense of Orlando Magic to only 10 points in the third quarter. The Lakers were good at shooting the ball today from the midway as well as the three pointer line comparing to their last games.

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Lebron James

Russell Westbrook added 19 points, 7 rebounds and 5 assists while claiming a win over Orlando Magic. Brodie also played some good defensive plays which resulted in steals and turnovers for Magic. Talon Horton Tucker had 6 steals and the Orlando Magic committed 18 turnovers resulting in free points for the Lakers.

Russell Westbrook on LeBron James defence and blocks

Russell Westbrook

Russell Westbrook is known for his energy which he brings on court and when in the post game interview questioned about the energy LeBron brings and his plays, Brodie replied saying: “He’s aggressive and making the right plays and reads. Our team is different. Tonight was another night where he imposed his will. When he is able to do that, and he can do that every night, our team is a different team.”

Stating LeBron’s effect and influence on the court and how the Lakers are a different team when he takes the charge he also mentioned the defence of Los Angeles Lakers which is getting better from the past. When asked about the 3 highlight worthy blocks of Bron, Russell Westbrook further said that: “Umm it’s great, you know it’s a good energy booster for out team and it shows that he is making a second effort to be able to protect.” He appreciated LeBron’s defensive efforts and also mentioned how effective it is when the team is small and helps to protect the lead. He also reached out to the fact that he is doing it for years now.

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Anthony Davis, Lebron James and Russell Westbrook

If the Los Angeles Lakers keep it going in the same way where the team works together defensively and also offensively while their stars step up and deliver. A lot of changed sense of game would be seen from their end. The Los Angeles Lakers just have to maintain the same pace and once Anthony Davis is back in form the Lakers will be able to claim their status, spot and respect back.