“He’s getting his swag back” Russell Westbrook sends alarming signs to the rest of the NBA after ‘Rocking the Baby’ on in-form Tyrese Maxey

Russell Westbrook rocked the baby in front of Tyrese Maxey after making a layup against him, it is a signal from Brodie that he is out getting his swagger back in the game.

Tyrese Maxey and Russell Westbrook

Russell Westbrook came into the game against the Philadelphia 76ers with a refreshing performance against the Cleveland Cavaliers. The Sixers played at full strength against the James-less Lakers, and Russel Westbrook, and the rest came out with buckets in the absence of the King. Russell had a game that signaled that he is getting his swagger back after rocking the baby against Tyrese Maxey, with back-to-back performances.

Lakers getting their act together in the absence of LeBron James

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Los Angeles Lakers

The Lakers were without their talisman LeBron James, but the team never really felt his absence, which is to say the Lakers looked stable without James on the court. It was a great game for Russell Westbrook and Dwight Howard who has not played a lot of minutes this season, he came out scoring 24-points for the purple and gold army. 4 players in the Laker jersey came out with 20-points, it is a sight to see this season when 4 players have got 20+ points for the Lakers, and that too in the absence of LeBron James.

Russell Westbrook
Russell Westbrook

The Lakers lost the game, but there has been some improvement in terms of gameplay, the Sixers edged the game by 126-121, the game was kept close by the Lakers, as they ended the 1stquarter with a 3-point lead, going into the 2nd they let off their foot off the gas, but the second half was a much more competitive environment. The Lakers are unchanged in their league standings with 1 win ahead of the New Orleans Pelicans.

Russell Westbrook rocks the baby against Tyrese Maxey

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Russell Westbrook and Tyrese Maxey

Russell Westbrook and Tyrese Maxey have been excellent for their respective teams in the last few games, with Tyrese Maxey looking like a new player for the Sixers when the Sixers played the Eastern conference leaders Miami Heat, Tyrese Maxey led the Sixers to a win, without the help of Joel Embiid and James Harden. Similar is the case for Russell Westbrook after his game-tying 3 at the buzzer, he has only gone to become better.

Russell Westbrook looks like he is looking for vengeance at the moment for all the criticism that he has faced this season, and after another brilliant display, things for Brodie and the Lakers are only looking good. Russ put up a 24-point display and almost made it a triple-double for himself only shy of 2 more assists and a rebound. He had 8 assists, and 9 rebounds in the whole game. Russ has been seen attacking the rim, which is his strength, and looking great, now the only question that remains is, can Russell Westbrook continue this form?

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