“I have not been told s**t about being fired” Frank Vogel goes ballistic after hearing the news of being sacked as Lakers’ Head Coach

Frank Vogel reacts to speculations of getting fired as head coach for the Los Angeles Lakers.

Frank Vogel
Frank Vogel

After an awful season for the Lakers as they failed even to make it to the play-in tournament, head coach Frank Vogel’s comments have brought him to the spotlight. Just before the end of the regular season, speculation had begun among the fans that the Lakers management is preparing to part ways with Frank Vogel and find a new face for the role. Nevertheless, in a press conference post Laker’s last game with the Denver Nuggets (which the Lakers won by a score of 142-137, in overtime), Frank Vogel said he had not been told s*it about it and he would like to enjoy the celebrations with the team today for their outstanding performance against the Nuggets. He also used the cinematic dialogue “we will deal with tomorrow when it comes,” signaling that even if he gets fired for it, he is not currently interested in thinking about it.

No one had thought the Lakers would be in this position at the beginning of the season, given the fact that their first season with Frank Vogel as head coach gave them their 17th title, despite the challenges and delays caused due to the covid pandemic. The very next season, the Lakers managed to get to playoffs through play in tournament but were knocked out in the first round by the Phoenix Suns. This season, despite the high expectation from the Russell Westbrook trade and the addition of Carmelo Anthony, they failed even to make it to the play-in tournament.

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Frank Vogel with the 2020 NBA championship trophy

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Frank Vogel thrown under the bus by the Los Angeles Lakers’ front office

Jeanie Buss and the Lakers with the Championship
Jeanie Buss and the Lakers

Of course, the Lakers had nothing to gain or lose in their last game. Their exit post the regular season was confirmed, and it was all about playing a good game enough to prove they would make a strong comeback. They did manage to do more than that, with a thrilling game going to OT. The exceptional performance by Austin Reaves and Malik Monk makes people think whether the team can now focus on developing fresh faces next season and whether Frank Vogel will be a part of that process. Many even speculated that the performance by the Lakers was a tribute to Frank Vogel, as the team was already aware of his exit. As quoted in NBV TV, players develop a bond with the coach throughout the season, and it hurts when it gets affected by the front office’s decisions.

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Frank Vogel With Anthony Davis and LeBron James

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What does the future for Los Angeles Lakers and Head Coach Frank Vogel hold?

Lakers Coach Frank Vogel and LeBron James
Lakers Coach Frank Vogel and LeBron James

After speculations and rumors for weeks, what awaits Frank Vogel and his fate as the Lakers coach remains to be seen as NBA concludes its last day of the regular season with all 30 teams in action. All speculations are expected to end as the non-playoff teams, especially the Lakers, think of a revamp in their strategy and make necessary changes to the line-up, coaching, and management system, hoping for a better performance next season.

Another major task that lies for the Laker’s management is to find a new face in case they decide to part ways with Frank Vogel. Analysts believe it will not be a short and simple process as the Lakers management is pondering upon multiple options. According to some analysts, management is in talks with Philadelphia head coach Doc Rivers and Toronto Raptors head coach Nick Nurse and are top in the preference list.