“A lot of kids look up to me,” Ja Morant realizes the responsibility of being a ‘role model’ amidst acts of gun violence

Ja Morant admits to not being a good role model for young fans following gun scandal and suspension.

“A lot of kids look up to me,” Ja Morant realizes the responsibility of being a ‘role model’ amidst acts of gun violence

Ja Morant (image via AP Photo/Brandon Dill)

Ja Morant, the point guard for the Memphis Grizzlies, has recently gained attention not for his performance during games but for his actions outside of basketball. Morant displayed a firearm during a live stream on Instagram, and critics have criticized him for it.

He later clarified that the gun was not his, but the damage had been done. Photos from a nightclub where he did his IG Live went viral, showing him with a stripper doing a lap dance on him, further complicating the situation.


As a result, NBA commissioner Adam Silver, who described his conduct as “irresponsible, reckless, and potentially very dangerous suspended Morant for eight games.” Morant has a tremendous influence on young fans who look up to him, and this is the main reason for the severity of the punishment.

In a recent interview with Jalen Rose, Morant acknowledged that he had not been the best role model for young people. “I realize I have a lot of kids who look up to me. Even probably some adults,” Morant said. “I realize my past mistakes aren’t being a good role model”

Admitting his mistake is a step in the right direction for Morant, but it remains to be seen if he can regain the trust of his fans and the NBA. The league has emphasized that it takes its players’ behavior seriously, particularly regarding safety and influence issues.


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Uncertainty Surrounds Ja Morant’s Future After Controversial Off-Court Behavior

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Morant’s suspension will keep him out of action for eight games, and there is no clear timeline for his return. During this crucial stretch of the season, the Grizzlies will feel the absence of their star point guard, both on and off the court.

Morant’s future with the team and the NBA is still under determination. While he has shown immense talent and potential, his recent behavior has raised questions about his maturity and judgment. The Grizzlies and the league will undoubtedly be watching him closely, both on and off the court, to see if he can make amends for his mistake and prove that he can positively influence young people.


Morant’s fans and supporters will also keep a close eye on him. While many have expressed disappointment and concern about his recent behavior, there is still much admiration and respect for his talent and potential. If Morant can learn from his mistakes and demonstrate a commitment to being a positive role model, he can win back the trust of his fans and the NBA.

In the meantime, Morant’s suspension serves as a reminder that professional athletes’ behavior can significantly impact their fans and the wider community. While fans may look up to their favorite players as heroes and role models, it is essential to remember that they are also human beings capable of making mistakes. It is up to all of us to hold them accountable for their actions and to support them in their efforts to make amends and grow as individuals.

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