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Kendrick Perkins, Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson reveal their Top 5 active players in the league while handing out midseason awards

Kendrick Perkins, Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson reveal their Top 5 active players at All The Smoke as they discuss the league.

Matt Barnes, Stephen Jackson and Kendrick Perkins

Kendrick Perkins is a retired NBA player who now is a host at ESPN’s First Take and also a player analyst for the same company. Recently Perkins appeared on “All The Smoke” a podcast hosted by Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson. Kendrick along with the two hosts discussed the league while handing out mid-season awards as the trade deadline nears and even the season has crossed the halfway mark.

In the hour-long talk of Perkins, Matt and Stephen they discussed their Starting five’s while choosing the best superstars they can. They also exchanged words on MVP candidates this season, discussed Nets and Lakers, and also remembered the Legendary Kobe Bryant. Three of them also came out and gave away awards to their favorite players depending on their performance so far during the season. But the most interesting segment as they discussed many was them trying to build the best NBA starting 5. Read and know more about their starting line-ups below.

Kendrick Perkins’ starting five

Kendrick Perkins

As soon as Matt Barnes asked “I want you guys to give me your starting five at you feel who is playing the best this season.” and added that the players should be a part of today’s league. Replying to it as Kendrick Perkins went in first he got Giannis Antetokounmpo at the center while appreciating the player for his movement at the center position. Further choosing the guy at point guard Perk chose Ja Morant. Since he is a threat to the basket and also a beast at defense as he provides correct reasoning while highlighting his ability to throw and catch lobs.

At 4 the power forward position Kendrick Perkins got Kevin Durant as he quotes: “Imma get Kevin Durant and slide him to the power forward position. Cauz he’s a sniper dawg need ball in his hand to be able to get buckets shoot the three…. so I go with KD as my stretch four power forward.” Kendrick needing a two-way defender guard added the returning Klay Thompson to his roaster as he fits in playing alongside KD, Giannis and Ja Morant.

Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson

While filling the small forward position Kendrick quoted: “I am looking at my line-up. I got Giannis at the 5, KD at the four….. so I need a wing defender. I need a guy who is capable of knocking down with size and length. Okay like 6 ft 8 inches and 6 ft 9 inches listed maybe 6’10. I am going with Jerami Grant.” So for the three Perk got Jerami big and ready.

Kendrick’s starting five:- Giannis Antetokounmpo, Kevin Durant, Ja Morant, Klay Thompson and Jerami Grant.

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Matt Barnes’ starting five

Matt Barnes

Matt Barnes got the King booked as his center since he wishes to start LeBron at five. For the point guard position, Matt got Stephen Curry as he said: “I wanna go with my brother CP but it’s hard to pass up on Steph. So imma take Steph as my PG.” Unexpectedly for the power forward, Barnes got AD as he said a healthy Anthony Davis which was later joked around for a while by Stephen Jackson and Kendrick Perkins.

Going first to select his superstars this time Matt Barnes got lucky selecting both, the guard at 2 and the forward at 3 at the same time. He chose Devin Booker as his guard and Kawhi Leonard as his small forward.

Matt’s starting five:- LeBron James, Stephen Curry, Anthony Davis, Devin Booker and Kawhi Leonard

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Stephen Jackson’s starting five

Stephen Jackson

Stephen Jackson started his lineup with Joel Embiid at the center. Further, he chose the unvaccinated Kyrie Irving a part-time player for the Nets at the point guard position while quoting: “Kyrie all day”. Building a big team and choosing Nikola Jokic the reigning MVP of the league Jack made it clear he is bringing back the old San Antonio Spurs days as he mentions in the video.

Jackson wanted Klay Thompson to start as his shooting guard but Perkins getting him already makes him choose Jimmy Butler for the 2 as he said: “I am wanna have to get a dawg and somebody that can score imma go Jimmy Butler.” Closing things out on his side Stephen got James Harden at the small forward.

Stephen’s starting five:- Joel Embiid, Kyrie Irving, Jimmy Butler, Nikola Jokic and James Harden

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