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“LeBron James will not win in a 1v1”: Russell Westbrook confident in his abilities against teammate when asked by Kevin Hart

In the show "Cold as Balls" hosted by Comedian Kevin Hart, Russel Westbrook confidently stated that he would win a 1v1 against "friend" Lebron James. While they both also had a conversation over several different topics, Russ specifically highlighted the outcome of the imaginary duel matchup.

LeBron James, Russell Westbrook and Avery Bradley Los Angeles Lakers

Lakers’ PG Russel Westbrook hasn’t performed exceptionally well for the team in this season, putting up an average of 18.5 points, 8 rebounds and 7.8 assists per game, which doesn’t seem like a very good number keeping in mind the lofty standards set by the man with the “Why not?” attitude himself.

The 33-year-old player has had a rocky road with the Lakers since his arrival to the team, and hasn’t been able to build a very strong position inside the team, while also stating that his performance with the team has been “fine” and nothing more. With his luster lacking performances, Westbrook is asking people to “Let Russ be Russ” while also posing his worst stats since the 2010 season. Russ stated that people shouldn’t expect him to put up the “25,15 and 15” stats, but not to our surprise, his stats have been far from that mark.

Russel Westbrook Devastated

Even in the past few matches, Russ hasn’t performed to the best of his abilities and has been inconsistent with the performances he puts up against other teams, making the jobs easier for his doubters.

Russell Westbrook makes a Bold Prediction against “Friend” Lebron in a 1v1

Russell Westbrook

In the show “Cold As Balls” hosted by the well renowned Comedian cum basketball aficionado cum the Roast specialist Kevin Hart, Westbrook stated “LeBron James would not win, and he’s a good friend of mine,” Westbrook told Hart. “I’m just letting you know. I’m winning.”

This might’ve come out as a shock to Kevin, but Russ has always been known for his confidence, also being called the “Why not” man, Russ lets everyone know about the dog inside him, who won’t concede defeat to anyone, and in this case, even his teammate, and arguably one of the best players of this generation, Lebron James.

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Westbrook has always been expressive of his emotions, on the court, when he shows his aggressive nature in every play, going after the ball and possibly bagging every single opportunity he gets, and off the court where he tends to take no Ls while put up against journalists or sometimes even the crowd. It has been the sheer nature of Westbrook to let everyone know that he is the man, and that he in some ways is the “untouchable”.

The confidently expressive Westborook

Right after Russ made these comments, he faced Lebron in a match against the Lakers while he was a part of the Rockets, but comparing these superstars in that match wouldn’t do justice to the 1v1 argument, and now that they’re a part of the same team, playing alongside each other, and possibly underperforming, so we’ll leave it for you to decide if Russ really can beat LeBron in an interview with Kevin Hart.

Questions revolving around Westbrook’s Performance

The Laker Superteam

Though Westbrook is a certified superstar and is the part of a “superteam” (the concept which he initially hated), Westbrook has not been able to bestow us with the performances that at one point left us awestruck with the monstrous dunks, the cheeky little assists, the smooth threes and the sheer aggressive play, and the other things that we expect from a player of his caliber.

Westbrook now needs to improvise and possibly change his strategies as the previous ones aren’t giving him the results with the Lakers, which he might want. Keeping in mind the all-time low figures that Russ has right now, it becomes a necessity for him to perform better alongside his imaginary 1v1 rival, but real teammate and friend Lebron James.

Westbrook has consistently struggled to make shots throughout this season while having a few good games, but also being benched in a few at the same time! Now what is important for him is to perform to the best of his abilities in all of their games as everyone who has watched him play knows the potential Westbrook carries, and that along with James’ performance is all that the Lakers will require to move forward with a big boost.

Russell Westbrook

Lebron once stated “Trust him with the ball, you know, and then when I have the ball, he’s done a pretty good job” which should make it obvious that the two have no rivalries to settle, but a goal to accomplish and carry their team forward in the league.

Now it is for us to wait and see, how Westbrook manages to turn the tide around and make it clear to all the haters that he still is the same beast that he was before.

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