Who are Max Strus’ Parents, Debra and John Strus?

Know all about the NBA player's parents who had been prominent college athletes back in their days.

Who are Max Strus’ Parents, Debra and John Strus?

Max Strus (via CBS Sports)

Max Strus has defied the odds, overcome criticism, and entered the NBA. Even his initial journey in the league remained no less than tumultuous, but the young professional held on to his work ethic with resolve. He was born to Debra Strus and John Strus on March 28, 1996. So, exactly how influential were Max Strus’ parents in his basketball career? 


Born and raised in a family of athletes, it was no surprise when Max Strus took to sports. Max is the youngest of three children as he has two elder siblings. They were also college athletes and currently pursued careers in coaching. Marty Strus, Max’s elder brother, originally played basketball for the Lewis University Flyers. Maggie Strus, his elder sister, was a prominent college volleyball player and became an assistant coach at DePaul University. Here’s what you need to know about Max Strus’ parents, Debra and John Strus. 

Who are Max Strus’ Parents?

The NBA star was born to John and Debra Strus on March 28, 1996. Both John and Debra were prominent college athletes who excelled in their respective sports. The father played basketball in his college days, whereas his mother excelled in both basketball and volleyball. Debra is a prominent member of the DePaul Athletic Hall of Fame

Max Strus parents
With Father John Strus and mother Debra Strus (via celebimages)

The couple has passed on their passion for sports to their children. John and Debra are a great source of inspiration to Max and his siblings – Marty and Maggie. Growing up in an athletic family really helped Max hone his basketball skills, and his parents have always remained supportive of their son. 


They have stayed close to Max during the initial period of his NBA career and have inspired him to stay determined toward his goals. Both Debra and John attend their son’s games from the courtside, and the player shares a close bond with his parents. 

Where do Max Strus’ parents live?

Max Strus was born and raised in Chicago, where his family originally lived. His parents, John and Debra, had lived in the suburbs of Hickory Hills, Illinois, for a long time.

Max Strus parents
Parents of Max Strus (Image via imgur)

Max was enthralled to have signed with the Chicago Bulls back in 2019 so he could stay closer to his family. Since then, Strus joined the Miami Heat and now plays with the Cleveland Cavaliers. The current address of the parents remains unknown. 

What did Max Strus’ parents do for a living?

Both Max Strus’ parents were prominent College athletes for their respective schools. John Strus played baseball for Eastern Illinois University, and Debra played volleyball and basketball for DePaul University.

DePaul university debra strus
Old image of Debra Strus (via DePaul University archives)

The wife was one of the best athletes at her University and was a Hall-of-Famer for her school. John Strus later pursued a career in business in Chicago. 

What is the estimated net worth of Max Strus’ parents?

Max Strus currently has a net worth of about $5 million. The player signed a lucrative deal with the Cleveland Cavaliers last year.

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Max Strus signing contract.

As for his parents, John and Debra have an estimated net worth of $1.5 million in 2024, according to various reports online.

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